Josh Sitton: Golden Tate and Pete Carroll are completely full of crap (Audio)

There are a lot of livid people in Green Bay and beyond after Monday night’s debacle of an ending in Seattle, but very few are more upset over the series of events than Packers guard Josh Sitton. Or, should we say, no one has been more willing to express their frustration than the big fella.

After leading the charge in blasting the NFL on Twitter after Green Bay’s loss, Sitton took it a step further on Tuesday during an interview with “The Jim Rome Show.” He said he would go on strike “just to end this crap” if the CBA would allow it. He also teed off on Golden Tate and Pete Carroll for refusing to admit they caught a break.

“I would say the two biggest goats out of this whole thing are Pete Carroll and Golden Tate,” Sitton said. “They’re calling it a good call and Golden Tate saying he caught it and there was no push in the back — be a man. You can be happy you won the game, I understand that, stuff is going to happen, but be a man and admit it was a bull-crap call and stand up and have some integrity. How are you going to face the fricking team when they know it’s bull crap? I think Golden Tate and Pete Carroll are completely full of crap.”

Victor Cruz expressed a similar opinion on Tuesday morning, saying he would insist he caught the ball during the game but would have no problem admitting he got away with one after the fact. Aside from all the obvious outrage over the call itself, a number of people have blasted Tate, Carroll and the Seahawks for pretending the officials got the call right. It’s hard to admit you didn’t deserve a win, so I’d be lying if I said I can’t understand where the Seahawks are coming from.

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  • bendter

    Here’s the difference for all you Seahawks fans that are using this as a rationalization that you somehow deserved this tainted victory: With those other bad calls there were opportunities for the penalized team to recover from the bad call. To make a great play or stop on the next play, etc. Additionally, you don’t know that even if those earlier penalties were not called (and this goes both ways) that the other team doesn’t go for it on 4th down and still scores….it’s all hypothetical. When the bad call is on the last play of the game, the loser got screwed, they don’t have an opportunity to “fix it” on the next play.  Everyone else in the country knows this, not just Packer fans…admit you got a break and move on.  How can you be SO defensive about a call that was SO obviously wrong to everyone else in the country except Seahawk fans…it makes no sense!!

  • gman5727

    Okay, I will agree that it was a bad call, and I will agree that you GOT SCREWED, how did it feel?

  • Medart1948

    I felt the “fix” was in in the fourth Qtr. The last four minutes of the quarter it was obvious. First, the Packers intercepted and it was overturned because of a “roughing the passer” penalty. The QB was well outside the tackles and was assuming the role of runner. He was tackled, not in a malicious way, not at the helmut, not driving him into the ground just a tackle. Game could have been decided then. Next the Seahawks have 2nd and 38, Wilson underthrows a ball that Shields is trying to line up but Rice tackles him with an arm around helmut and the shoulder padss and is draped over the top of the defender. The play itself was a good play from Rice’s perspective because he HAS to take away any chance of an interception. But the same ref (who was wearing No.26) ruled aginst the defensive player! Then move to last play of game, the ref wearing no 26 is staring right into the group assembling to break up the play and he “misses” Tate pushing  Shields to the turf. They miss the other Seahawk using his arms to back the Packer players out of the play. He then looks into the back of Tate who has one arm on the ball and the Packer clearly has control of ball on his chest. The ref looking into the arms of players signals incomplete pass but No 26 signals touchdown. Why was there not a discussion on field to determine what they saw? The head referee acted cowardly by heading straight to the hood.