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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Kevin Kolb Says He Knew the Eagles Plays

Kevin Kolb may have been inactive against the Eagles Sunday because of an injury, but that doesn’t mean he was unable to help his team win. Contrarily, he says he was able to call out many of Philadelphia’s plays — especially in the two-minute drill — because the Eagles didn’t bother changing their signals since trading Kolb to Arizona before the season.

“It was funny, as they were lining up for the plays, I’d go ‘Hold on, they’re gonna do this,” Kolb said during an appearance on WIP Tuesday. “And you don’t know if they changed things up or what… but the ones that I was for sure on, I was letting it ring, and I think I helped us out maybe just a little bit here and there,” he said.

“During the two-minute drill, you almost feel guilty,” Kolb said with a laugh. “Mike [Vick’s] sitting there giving the signals, and I’m standing there on our sidelines, screaming at our corners, ‘Hey it’s a go ball, hey he’s running a screen, hey he’s running a slant.'”

Kolb says he wasn’t sure if his players were able to hear him telling them what was going to happen, but he says the quiet crowd helped him communicate the signs. That sure makes sense to me. I was stunned at how ineffective the Eagles were. You can say that Michael Vick was off because he was playing almost the entire game with broken ribs, but it also doesn’t help when the opposing defense knows what you’re about to do.

And you wonder why teams pick up players who were cut from a practice squad a week before they play their division rival? It’s to get information about the opposing team — and every piece helps.

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