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Monday, May 28, 2018

‘Little bitty Eagle meatballs’ may be the greatest quote of all time (Video)

Little bitty Eagles meatballs may be my new favorite quote. It certainly is the greatest motivational speech I’ve heard this side of Ray Lewis.

During Sunday’s Steelers-Eagles game, Pittsburgh running back coach Kirby Wilson gave a speech to his players on the sidelines. That’s when he dropped the soon-to-be viral “little bitty Eagle meatballs” line.

“Do what I’m asking you to do — it works! For 15 years it’s been working! Do what I’m coaching you to do, alright? Don’t make up anything. I’m begging you. Just do the right thing, guys. We’re better than this football team. We’ll ground these guys up and turn them into little bitty Eagle meatballs. But you gotta do what I’m coaching you to do!”

Our friend Sarah Sprague says she plans to add little bitty Eagle meatballs to her next tailgate. I’m sure they’ll taste delicious.

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