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Saturday, April 21, 2018

The irony in these Mark Brunell marijuana comments is so strong

Marijuana leafWhether marijuana should be a legal substance in the NFL has been a topic of debate recently. It mostly started when Seattle and Denver, teams from states that have legalized marijuana, met in the Super Bowl, aka the “Weed Bowl,” the “Bud Bowl,” the “Stoner Bowl,” or my personal favorite, the “Bowl Bowl.”

When asked during media week, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll seemed to support marijuana being allowed in the NFL for medical purposes. New York Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie said so many players already smoke that they should just allow it. Steelers DB Ryan Clark said NFL players use it and that the league is fighting a losing battle by making it a banned substance. But one person who feels differently is Mark Brunell.

Brunell, a former longtime quarterback and current analyst for ESPN, weighed in on the topic on “SportsCenter.”

“There’s really no place for marijuana in the NFL,” Brunell said. “It is harmful. It hurts brain function. It hurts brain development. Marijuana can ruin lives. I’m very much against it.”

We’re awaiting Brunell’s thoughts on concussions.

God forbid players smoke a little weed in a league where they’re running around and smacking each other in the heads for 60 minutes 16 times a year. Wouldn’t want the pot to kill whatever brain cells they have left.

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