Martellus Bennett reportedly says Eli Manning in different league from Tony Romo

Martellus Bennett has had an excellent start to the season for the Giants. The tight end has caught a touchdown in each of the Giants’ first three games, and he’s quickly putting together what will likely be the best season of his career. The outspoken tight end reportedly attributes his success to playing with a better quarterback.

The New York Post reports that Bennett was overheard talking with a teammate at dinner and saying that “Tony Romo isn’t in the same league as Eli Manning. Not even close.”

We don’t ordinarily give attention to such loosely-sourced items, but Bennett was quoted expressing a similar sentiment in July. If he indeed said Manning was in a different league from Romo, it would make sense; he hadn’t scored a touchdown with the Cowboys since 2008, but he’s scored in three straight games with the Giants.

We mentioned Bennett as a recommended fantasy pickup after Week 2, so we recognized his success with the Giants. And really, this comes down to a few differences between his time with Dallas and New York. In Dallas, Bennett was behind Jason Witten on the tight end depth chart. Even though the Cowboys wanted to use him in double tight end formations, Bennett simply dropped a lot of passes and was a disappointment. In New York, he’s the starting tight end, and he’s fitting a role that is critical in the Giants’ offense. Whether it’s Kevin Boss, Jake Ballard, or Bennett, Manning loves throwing to his tight ends, especially in the red zone. Bennett happens to be the guy benefiting in that role this year.

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  • Rich inTX

    lol.  someone’s bitter because he wasnt good enough to be the starter in Dallas…  the reason he doesnt think Romo is as good as Eli is because he never caught anything when he was in Dallas.  Somehow that’s Romo’s fault?  puhleaze.
    the difference now is he has simply matured and realized this is his last chance to make something of his career… funny how that will shape up a player in a hurry

  • http://www.facebook.com/christian.michaels.5 Christian Michaels

    lets just think about this for a second
    superbowl rings- Tony-0 vs Eli-2
    eli is clutch and everything else a qb needs you guys used to be a winning team what happened? you picked up tony romo in the draft thats when the losing started dont hate on eli because you have no argument 2 rings to 0 end of story

  • Rich inTX

     actually Romo was undrafted.  a football fan would know that it’s a team sport and teams win championships.  when you measure eli’s personal numbers vs. Romo’s, eli’ loses in every category to the UN-DRAFTED Romo.  eli’s a chump