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Saturday, June 23, 2018

NFL Shop advertises Aaron Rodgers jersey as ‘Rogers’ (Picture)

With Peyton Manning having changed teams for the first time in his career and now a member of the Broncos, it was no surprise to hear on Tuesday that he currently has the NFL’s top-selling jersey. Tim Tebow’s Jets jersey came in just behind Manning with Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and Eli Manning rounding out the top five. Just outside the top five was reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers. Perhaps the photo above explains why Rodgers took a tumble down the rankings.

As Shutdown corner pointed out, the screenshot above was taken from an email sent out to Packers fans who are NFL.com subscribers. Notice anything wrong? Yeah, it’s Rodgers — not “Rogers.” The “D” is pretty essential for the proper spelling of Aaron’s last name. If you have to screw-up somebody’s last name, at least make it a player who isn’t coming off arguably the greatest single season any NFL quarterback has ever had. If I were Aaron, I’d demand a new advertising campaign followed by a recount.

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