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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Niners Go Back to Alex Smith Proving Winning Not a Priority for Singletary

No matter what happens it seems like a constant that San Francisco 49ers fans defend Alex Smith. Don’t ask me why, I guess they still believe he’ll prove himself to be superior to Aaron Rodgers and they want him to do it in a 49ers uniform. It really doesn’t make much sense because Smith has only done one thing consistently during his five-year NFL career: lose.

Smith is 17-30 in games he’s started during his career. He’s thrown for 46 touchdowns and 52 interceptions and had the underachieving Niners 1-6 before hurting his arm this season. Things got so bad his receivers were taking subtle shots at him while the fans were less conspicuous.

Though Smith is 1-6 in his seven starts this year while Troy Smith is 3-2 in his five starts, the 49ers announced they were going back to Alex Smith as their starter this weekend. Explaining the move, Jimmy Johnson’s favorite motivational speaker said “I’m just going to say that we felt at this time that Alex, with all his experience and all those other things, will give us the best chance to win at this particular time of year.”

Experience? Just what kind of experience is that, losing? Shoot, you want experience I’ll give you Anthony Young while I take Kyle Drabek. This just goes to show how ass backwards they have things in San Francisco. We already know they can’t win with Alex Smith. Troy Smith may not be a long-term solution, but at least the guy gives you a shot at winning. It’s hard to have sympathy for the Niners when they continue to make stupid decisions like this. It’s overdue that they part ways with the former top overall draft pick. Admit the mistake and move on.

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