Oakland Raiders coach Jason Tarver flips referees the bird (GIF)

Oakland Raiders coach Jason Tarver was not happy with the referees after Mike Jenkins was called for a 15-yard facemask penalty in the third quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers, so he expressed his feelings with a certain piece of flair.

Yes, that’s the team’s defensive coordinator extending his middle finger and flipping the bird to the zebras. You can expect to hear about a certain Raiders coach getting hit with a five-figure fine during the week after that gesture.

Jason Tarver flips bird

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GIF via Kissing Suzy Kolber

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  • Paul M

    Stay classy, oakland.

    Hope you have 250K in the bank to donate….

  • tad crooks

    shut up you little punk.this call was horrible and you woulda been furious too biased little jerk.

  • Paul M

    Dude, hate to break it to you, but I live just north of berkley, Been watching ‘da raiders for 30+ years (that I can remember).

    This coach is an a$Shat, and is supposed to be a professional, and a representative of the team, and area. Is this really what we want the rest of the league and the fans to remember about us. I didn’t even see the play itself, or the gesture; just saw them announce the penalty, then pick up the flag. In the end, the refs made the right call.

    So who has their panties in a bunch that shouldn’t, huh?

  • tad crooks

    if you i met in the streets of oakland you would wet your panties pauly. I know your type, youre a little gay bay 49er who watches fox and blabs his caddy petty mouth all over his republican c word friends. Hows that pauly. I forgive you for being retarded.