Packers Send Message to Rodgers, Favre

And that would be … we don’t need you, old man, and … we’re not satisfied with you, young man. The Packers matter of fact passed this message onto Favre a few days ago by placing the QB on the retired/reserve list, even though Favre hinted yet again that he might be interested in coming back. The message was made pretty clear to Aaron Rodgers late in the day on Saturday, when with the 56th overall selection, the Packers made Brian Brohm the third quarterback chosen in the draft. How’s that for a confidence builder if your Rodgers. Nothing says “you’re our franchise quarterback” quite like drafting a “backup” in the 2nd round.

I don’t get the pick for multiple reasons. For the obvious reason, it’s not exactly going to work wonders to Rodgers’ confidence. If you’re Green Bay, you want your former first-round pick to become your franchise guy and to feel secure in the job. He already has the unenviable task of having to replace an irreplaceable legend, and now he has some hot-shot second round pick breathing down his neck. What they eff are they trying to do to Rodgers? Besides that, now they’ll have 2nd round money and 2nd round roster pressure invested into Brohm. You don’t just take a quarterback in the 2nd round and only expect him to be a solid backup; you take a guy in the 2nd because he impresses you enough to be a starter. If you’re just looking for more quarterback depth and a potential backup to Rodgers, you take one on the second day, like in the 5th or 6th round or something. But taking the third quarterback in the draft, in the 2nd round no less, tells me they’re not counting on Rodgers as a long-term answer. I don’t know how you could possibly spin it any other way, Ted Thompson.

(note: that picture really doesn’t have to do too much with the subject of this post, I just couldn’t resist the urge, for obvious reasons.)

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  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    Brohm will be the starter in 2009 if Rogers does not have a GREAT year this season.

  • SpinMax

    If Rodgers can’t handle the fact that they’ve drafted a QB, then he isn’t the right guy already.

    Tampa took Shaun King in the 2nd round and they had Dilfer who was actually good at the time.
    Jets took Pennington when they still had Testeverde for 2 more years.
    SanFran took Giovani Carmazzi in the 3rd round while Jeff Garcia was tearing it up.
    Raiders took Tuisiasopo while Gannon was tearing it up.
    I only had time to look at those couple drafts. Thing is, this happens almost every year where a team or two will use a 2nd/3rd/4th pick on a backup qb.

  • http://www.askkabeer.com Jim

    Found this site above for an upcoming live call with Packers KGB and former packer Bryce Paup – thought you might want to check it out and tell your readers about it

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  • Michael Pyter

    Brett, on one hand you have a legacy in Green Bay, enshrinement in the holy grail of all football palaces, a retired number and a super bowl ring.
    On the other hand you have vengence for Ted Thompson and a chance to trash your legacy in Green Bay. Hmm? Worth it? Brett, read the blogs, everywhere, fans of every team are fed up with the on again off again retirements and quite frankly they’re tired you. Brett, you’re as mobile as a tree stump, quit now while your still ahead.

  • Axonoboyday

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