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Friday, April 20, 2018

Patriots, Falcons, Eagles, Steelers Biggest Super Bowl Favorites

Heading into week 16 of the NFL season, the question amongst fans and analysts has become more prevalent: who’s headed to the Super Bowl? The easy answer is the teams with the best records — the Patriots and Falcons. In addition to those two powerhouse teams, there are six other squads that have double digit win totals. But of those six, which ones have the best odds of making the Super Bowl? For the answer, let’s take a look at the Super Bowl Picks found at BetUS.

The 12-2 New England Patriots are the current favorite with odds of making the Super Bowl at 5:2. The 12-2 Atlanta Falcons are next up at 5:1. Now comes the interesting part: the Steelers, Ravens, Jets, Eagles, Saints, and Bears are all 10-4, but their odds vary greatly.

Unsurprisingly, the Eagles behind the spectacular Mike Vick are just behind the Falcons with 6:1 odds, making our Power Rankings look good. The Steelers are 17:2, while the Saints and Ravens are next up at 12:1. The Jets and Bears are receiving the least amount of respect amongst 10-4 teams — they’re both 20:1.

Of all teams still eligible for the playoffs, the Buccaneers (250:1) and Raiders (200:1) have the longest odds. Seattle, San Francisco, and St. Louis are all listed as 150:1 shots to make it to the Super Bowl, indicating the homefield advantage helps tremendously.

And how about this? The 8-6 Chargers are a 14:1 shot, while the 8-6 Colts are 16:1 — both ahead of the Bears and Jets who have superior records. Supporting San Diego’s strong odds are the NFL stats that show they have the second-highest point differential in the league, behind only the Patriots.

As long as both teams clinch homefield throughout the playoffs, I see no reason why the Pats and Falcons should not reach the Super Bowl. After all, that was my pick last year — better a year late then never.

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