Patriots planning to keep Tim Tebow at quarterback not tight end?

Tim Tebow PatriotsWhen the New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow, there was instant speculation that they would move the versatile player to another position such as tight end or fullback. But that might not be what the team has planned.

Per Rotoworld, ESPN Boston reporter Mike Reiss said on “SportsCenter” Friday that it would be a “surprise” if the Patriots converted Tebow to tight end. Reiss also reportedly said the Patriots have “made it pretty clear” that Tebow is there to compete for the third-string quarterback position.

Between Rob Gronkowski’s multiple surgeries and the murder investigation of Aaron Hernandez, people believed the Patriots were growing thin at tight end and that they would be even more motivated to convert Tebow. However, the Pats already have several experienced tight ends such as Jake Ballard, Daniel Fells, and Michael Hoomanawanui on the roster.

Though many of us do not think Tebow has the skills to make it in the NFL as a quarterback, it is important to keep in mind that Josh McDaniels, the Patriots’ offensive coordinator, moved up in the first round to select Tebow as a quarterback in 2010. Clearly he believes Tebow can succeed in the NFL as a quarterback, so it would make sense for the Patriots to make that the top priority when it comes to developing the former Heisman Trophy winner.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jack-Moskovita/1198903042 Jack Moskovita

    I’m extremely happy for Tebow! He couldn’t have landed on a better team. And Y’all say prayer doesn’t work? Tebow said all along it was in God’s hands and he wasn’t the least bit worried.
    I’m a Seahawk fan, but Tebow is my favorite player of them all….

  • dferraez

    The “many of us who don`t think he can play nfl qb” will probably turn out to be wrong. Personally, I don`t understand how taking a 1-4 team to a positive record and a playoff win did not convince the negative crowd that Tebow, can in fact be a nfl qb. Not to say he doesn`t have areas to improve in as do all young qb`s. But why do some people think he can`t improve in those areas. He definitely has some very positive things he brings to the table.

  • JamesD2011

    Now that one of the greatest and most brilliant coaches ever,Bill Belichick, took Tebow, just confirms that the haters such as the author of this article can’t stand the fact that Tebow will succeed.