Peyton Manning reportedly has noodle arm, not throwing like NFL quarterback

Peyton Manning’s neck may be healed and his body may be ready to take a hit, but his arm reportedly is far from where it needs to be.

Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz joined The Tony Kornheiser Show Tuesday to talk about Peyton’s status. He said Manning’s arm strength is greatly lacking.

“The guy’s arm is a noodle, he can’t throw like an NFL quarterback,” Kravitz said, “and by March 8th there’s no way of knowing if he’s going to be ready or not.

“I know some of the people that have seen him throw. They say he’s not throwing like an NFL quarterback yet, but that doesn’t mean he never will,” Kravitz said. “This thing is going to take time. Structurally, he’s sound. Structurally, he can take a hit.

“He’s not an NFL quarterback right now, that doesn’t say that he won’t be in a couple of months.”

Kravitz says he and many other media members felt like Peyton hijacked the Super Bowl by leaking a report about his health. Kravitz also believes Peyton would love to play on the Redskins and face his brother twice a year, and that he would also love playing in a big market like New York with the Jets. I agree on all three accounts, though I blame Jim Irsay equally as much for “hijacking” the Super Bowl.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2FIVKQZLC26GB3ZPBBLOUVXZ2Q Larry

    Well I guess Kravitz is another one of these attack him well he’s down people. Everyone claim to know someone who knows someone. Well bob who’s your someone cold his name be Irsey. I think Peyton no matter what he can or can’t do should take his show on the road. It’s clear to me everyone is hitching their wagon to Andy Luck. Well thats fine just remember he has never played a down in the NFL.  If Manning does return in form he’ll be the one laughing at you fools.