Ranking the Cincinnati Bengals Arrests

They’ve had so many of them I just figured it was about time to have a little fun with their arrests. Without further ado, here’s a list of the Bengals’ finest, from best to worst.

  1. Chris Henry (June 14th, ’06) – providing alcohol to three underaged females, but did he score?
  2. Chris Henry (Jan. 28th, ’06) – possession of a concealed firearm, improper exhibition of firearm, aggravated assault with firearm, that’s a lot of firearm action
  3. A.J. Nicholson (June 3rd, ’06) – burglary, vandalism, grant theft, *bonus points for stealing electronics from a teammate, that’s not easy
  4. Frostee Rucker (June 21st, ’06) – vandalism, spousal battery, just don’t beat up that blackberry
  5. Reggie McNeal (Dec. 3rd, ’06) – resisting arrest and drug possession, always fun to catch the cops with an elbow to the chest
  6. Eric Steinbach (Aug. 5th, ’06) – boating under the influence, admit it, you didn’t even know that counted
  7. A.J. Nicholson (May 18th, ’06) – domestic violence, he restarted the streak after they had gone four months in between arrests
  8. Chris Henry (June 3rd, ’06) – DUI, 0.092, I’d blow that from a sip of Manischweitz
  9. Odell Thurman (Sept. 25th, ’06) – drunken driving, a 0.18, but he was more sober than Chris Henry or Reggie McNeal, so it’s all good
  10. Deltha O’Neal (Dec. 9th, ’06) – DWI, come on a 0.10 shouldn’t even count
  11. Matthias Askew (July 22nd, ’06) – disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, failure to comply with police officer’s order, obstructing justice, kinda boring
  12. Chris Henry (Dec. 15 ’05) – weed possession, just kids being kids
  13. Quincy Wilson (June 17, ’07) – disorderly conduct, kind of weak, but cool that the bride and groom were arrested too

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  • AP

    Who’s Quincy Morgan?

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  • Joe Morgan

    Quincy is my little brother you fucker.

  • http://theblowtorch.blogspot.com goathair

    June ’06 was a good month for Cincinnati Bengals arrests.

  • JW

    Quincy Wilson was the one arrested. He is a running back for the Bengals who probably wasn’t going to make the team.

  • The Roach

    Wasnt Askew tasered for his offense. And didnt he get tasered because he parked his car on the walkway out front of a club and refused to move it. If I am remembering that correctly that is pretty good stuff. I think some of the long versions of these stories are even better.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    That is a good point on the taser. And thanks for pointing out the mistake with Quincy Wilson…shows how insignificant he is.

  • Chucky Atkins Jr.

    A.J. Nicholson’s burglary charge has to get the top spot. This dude makes more in a year than I’ve made so far in my life, and he’s arrested for burglary!!?!

    The other stuff on that list was run-of-the-mill, but very few (Albert Connell) can say that they’ve walked a mile in A.J.’s criminal shoes.

  • Matt

    Askew is no longer with the team. And all charges were dropped against him when witnesses said that the cops were overzealous and that he was trying to cooperate.

    Nicholson is gone, Steinbach is gone, and Wilson and McNeal will probably be gone soon.

    This list sucks.

  • Chris

    You forgot to note that #1 (Henry) was first some sort of sexual assault allegation, but the complaining witness recanted, and was shortly exposed as both a prostitute and a murder suspect, IIRC. The underage drinking thing was the only thing left to tag on Henry.

    Chucky is correct that Askew beat the rap.

    And I’m pretty sure that Rucker’s (and possibly Nicholson’s) arrest took place while he was still in college.

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  • Andrew

    Looks like the old dallas cowboys from the early to mid 90’s AHAHA.

    Thats what happens when you give a bunch of gang bangers millions of dollars, and fame, they think they’re untouchable.

  • TJ

    I got to go with AJ Nicholson’s arrest, too.

    If you are dumb enough to go with Fred Rouse to rob a teammates apartment, the least you can do is make sure that Fred Rouse doesn’t leave his receiver gloves at the scene of the crime.. WITH HIS FOOTBALL NUMBER ON THE GLOVES.

    Dumbest criminals ever?

  • Radar O’Reilly

    And didn’t Chris Henry, in arrest ranked #2, get busted while wearing a, ahem, Chris Henry jersey?

  • JAB

    Yes, Rucker and Nicholson were “arrested” shortly after being drafted, but for offenses they had done while in college or prior to being drafted.

    Askew charges were dropped, officers disciplined, lawsuit pending. Apparently they tazed him though he was trying to cooperate.

    Quincy Wilson’s disorderly conduct was not leaving a wedding reception after it was finished. Also arrested were bride and groom and 13 in wedding party. Arrested while getting in his car to leave, for failure to leave promptly..lol This one is VERY weak.

    You know, I got a DUI 25 years ago at age 19. Did wonders for curbing my drinking and driving. Lesson learned and not repreated. I was not a millionaire athlete “gang banger” wannabee who thought I was above the law. I was just young and stupid and didn’t think about the consequences of my actions.

    If we are going to include what “you forgot” (that Henry’s case involved sexual allegations which never materialized) then in all fairness let’s include the last three, ehem, off-field problems that amounted to nothing.

    Henry accused of failing his drug test and DA all but had him in jail to serve his 88 days suspended. Ooops,..he didn’t fail and we later find this DA was the one who leaked that he did.

    Henry, accused on a Tuesday by a 16 year old who alleged he was assaulted by Henry the previous Friday night. Charges dropped when no evidence could be found to support the charges.

    Odell Thurman arrested for allegedly beating up a man at a party, in front of dozens of others. Then accused of returning with a small group of armed people, waving guns around and putting a gun in the mouth of the guy he beat up. Charges were dropped due to lack of evidence, recanting by the man who pressed charges.

    Bloggers rant that Henry and Thurman “bought” there way out of trouble. I suppose many of those bloggers would sell out THEIR beaten up 16 year old for a signed “T” shirt, but I doubt these upscale parents were willing. There were other witnesses to both events, police simply had no corroborating evidence.

  • JAB

    Thank god after my DUI arrest at age 19, I was not the subject of lists and condemnations by curious passers by, after I was penalized and paid for my mistake. I was fortunate I was not famous, and didn’t have to continue to pay for my mistake, twice, three times or more, could return to my job, get on with my life, get the opportunity to pay the piper and learn from my mistake without continuing to be villified day in and day out.

  • http://stilespoints.blogspot.com/ rstiles

    Chris Henry is the biggest waste….he has so much fucking talent and he is wasting it being a THUG!!!

  • Cecil

    @Chucky Atkins: They all make more than god, but it doesn’t make burglary any worse…the guys with DUI’s couldn’t call a limo…or BUY a limo and a human driver to pick their asses up at the club?!

  • JAB

    For sure Cecil!! I think they would have any number of people willing to drive them all over town, then home, for free. For that matter, I went to last year’s Cincy-Baltimore Thursday night game knowing full well I was going to be drinking. Paid a ransom for the 20+ mile cab ride home, however, I planned ahead (and could probably not afford it quite as easily). Again, I think with a lot of these guys it is being young and stupid more than anything else.

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  • JAB

    Nah, there are PLENTY of headlines left for PacMan, Vick, Tank Johnson, Merriman, Steve Foley, Terrence Keil (all Chargers). If that list is not long enough for you then there were about 20 additional NFL player arrest headlines for you to choose from as well!!

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  • http://jayo.com jacob bauer

    Quincy morgan sucks!

  • http://jayo.com jacob bauer

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  • Chiefs Fan

    So why in the world would the Bengals draft yet another problem child in Jason Shirley? When you have the outrageous reputation of arrested players why would you even think of drafting anyone with even a parking ticket? It just goes to prove that the Bengals still don’t get it.

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  • molly james

    Could you do the best to worst crime sheet for Auburn and Arkansas? I would be curious to see those?

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  • http://KC KC

    This article/list is just as useless and offensive now as it was sad when published. Bengals are winning football games for the first time in long time (that‘s Great!) – but at what price is this organization willing to “pay” for a few more wins? Purchasing a now 4th string RB for a discount? What does he bring your team & city? Apparently Bengals care more about winning than they do their citizens’ safety. . as your ridiculous article proves (OH women beware! LJ likes to spit in your face at clubs . . among other disgraceful acts & things said).

    Hey LB – go ahead with a top 20 most wanted Bengals list – LJ should already be on it day 1… and he’ll likely make his way up the list!!

    KC is happy and proud to be rid of the arrogant, ungrateful & defiled RB! Btw… he’s done less than nothing on the field this year so for a discount Bengals have purchased simply another ungrateful loser to add to your list. How and why do any fans show up to cheer on an organization that welcomes criminals acting as football players? If the fans don’t know better . . It’ll come back to bite ya in the ass don’t worry.