Ravens Kicking Consultant Believes Patriots Scoreboard Error May Have Been Intentional

Ravens kicking consultant Randy Brown confirmed that the Gillette Stadium scoreboard was inaccurate during the end of the AFC Championship Game Sunday, leading to a rushed kick from Billy Cundiff. He thinks it’s possible the error was made on purpose.

During an appearance with Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team on 94 WIP in Philadelphia Tuesday, Brown said “The scoreboard was one down behind, the entire last three plays, from what we understand. That caused Billy Cundiff to have to rush on to the field with just seconds left on the play clock to try and make the kick, which he missed.”

When asked if he felt the error was done purposely to mislead the Ravens, he replied “I don’t think you can rule anything out in New England, can you?”

Even if you believe the conspiracy theory that the Pats’ scoreboard operator intentionally misled the Ravens — and it wouldn’t be the first time the Pats messed with the opposing team through stadium technology — Brown says it’s no excuse for the missed kick.

“It was our belief [Billy Cundiff] was ready,” Brown said.

Brown also noted that Cundiff had made all 11 of his playoff kicks for the Ravens and that he hadn’t missed a fourth-quarter field goal in two and a half seasons. He believes calling a timeout to prepare for the kick would have been the wrong decision, citing what happened with Jason Garrett and Dan Bailey.

Some people may continue to blame the Patriots for the missed kick, but Cundiff is a professional kicker who has succeeded during plenty of adverse situations in the past. There is nobody to blame but him for the mistake. And just because he missed the kick doesn’t mean he’s the reason the team lost the game. Remember, the kick would have only tied the game, not won it.

Video picture via BaltimoreRavens.com

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HY6C7A4SIHGOLKTPGUMK3VTJMI Mike

    What, the Pats haters need a new conspiracy theory now that even they most stubborn and irrational haters have to give up on spy gate? 3 (maybe 4) rings and 5 Superbowls isn’t a fluke. No matter how much you film things you shouldn’t (spygate had nothing to do with it but that doesn’t stop the haters…) you won’t win unless you are the better team each week. Period. It doesn’t matter excuses what you jealous frods make, in the end you have to execute. The Raven’s couldn’t do it so they lost. GET OVER IT! Are you guys really going to make excuses for a team that choked twice when it mattered the most? Of course some hater will make something up and the rest of the rabid sheep will follow. It’s sad how jealousy drives people to write shady articles just to fit their own irrational, hate filled agenda. It’s sadder how some people believe it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DSY2NYD7S7KUXTUYWVZ25JQBZQ Wally Pole

    Just how stupid is the Ravens kicking consultant?
    Doesn’t this imbecile know that scoreboards are operated by the NFL, and NOT the home team’s personnel?

    And if this clown is the “kicking consultant”, then why wasn’t the kicker ready when told to go in?
    And for the record, not only does the scoreboard have nothing to do with a professional kicker who should’ve been paying attention to the game, but the replay clearly shows that the kicker told the ball-holder that he was ready.

    One simple fact remains: No matter how you try to spin this “cheating” BS, the offense that you claim you outplayed the whole game, not only led in some offensive stats through most of the game, but outscored you 23-20, and that’s the bottom line.
    Not too bad for a team that played lousy.
    Maybe you should be grateful that the Patriots played as bad as they did so the game wasn’t a blowout.
    Or is the kicking consultant’s head so far up his butt that he thinks the Ravens are too perfect to lose?
    If the Ravens were smart, they would replace the consultant before the kicker.

  • Anonymous

    File this one under the “sour grapes” category.  Ravens lost the game period. It sounds like maybe the “kicking consultant” is trying to cover his own tracks.  According to at least six Ravens’ players, they were calling for Cundiff after the third down play and were angry that he was nowhere to be found.  Had nothing to do with the scoreboard, he and the coaching staff blew it, plain and simple.  Should have called a timeout. Yeah, the Patriots cheated again…  did the Steelers cheat last January when they beat the Ravens by a touchdown?  Did the Colts cheat in January 2010 when they beat the Ravens 20-3?  Did the Steelers cheat in 2009 when they beat the Ravens 23-14?  Did the Colts and Titans cheat when they beat the Ravens in 2007 and 2004?  The Ravens playoff performances in big games speaks for themselves.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JULME2SMOTEWWQGL3TZHNZELUU M R

    It’s embarrasing that this would even be entertained. 

  • Anonymous

    most pats fans are ***holes and it seems like they thonk they should get special treatment ,which they do so Brady doesn’t get his skirt wrinkled and its amazing how ref’s don’t call pass interfence against  the lady pats but an interception gets called back for one of the lady pats running into a defender. How many other quarterbacks have rules named after them

  • Anonymous

    Its always easier to blame the WINNERS if you are on the LOSING TEAM, isn’t it???  Bunch of cry-babies.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You should be upet with the Ravens losing, not the Pats win. Bad sportsmanship, thats all it is.

  • Anonymous

    Touche’.  You are right on.  They choke when the getting gets tough.

  • Anonymous

    Follow a real football team-one that can WIN!!!

  • Anonymous

    diehardraven – WA WA WA!!!! Typical ravan fan.

  • Anonymous

    pats should start a ladys 2 hand touch league that wat brady can wear his dress all the time and not mess up his makeup

  • Anonymous

    I am sure you Raven fans love two hand touch

  • Dan Keo

    How many super bowls have the Patriots won since they got busted ?  NONE  …. hey lets have a tape burning party…  Kraft and Commish are tight..  Enough said

  • Anonymous

    How many Super Bowls have the other 32 teams in the NFL won since the Patriots were caught cheating? SIX. People love to use this argument as though it’s been 40 years since it happened and they haven’t won since. They’ve been to the Super Bowl two times since the accusations. It’s not as though they have fallen off the map since it happened. Give me a break.

  • Anonymous

    !st let’s get one thing straight. The teams having nothing to do with scor s or time that is all NFL officals. So let’s stop whinning and grow up. I grow tired of all the Patroits cheating crap. The kicker blew the kick plain and simply. There no magic time clock that changes at will or officals in anyone pocket.  Please sit back eat your hotdogs  and burgers drink your beer and what the Superbowl.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brody-Quint/100000958436570 Brody Quint

    Ha ha ha, you funny, ha ha ha.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brody-Quint/100000958436570 Brody Quint

    Ha ha ha ha, you’re funny, ha ha ha!

  • Anonymous

    wa wa wa THe bottom line ist Baltimores overrated and elderly defense didnt get the job done after all their talking. First they tried to lay the blame on Flacco a week before the game and now they are trying to blame the scoreboard operators. Do you people in Baltimore have any self respect?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LTZS4P2XZZ6LOZIFUYXHWYAW3E william

    Spot on Mike. If a veteran like Lee evans had made the catch this would not be a topic of conversation at all. Bottom line is the dirty birds choked more than once in that game. GO PATS!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ILMQ2WFUIZROUCZTX2LOJ4XXRA GOP DAD

    find a new kicking job tool hahahahahahahaah

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000604238213 Brad Justice

    sounds like you`d  be the star player

  • Ryan King

    Oh for the love of Mike…I’m a Ravens fan, but even I’m starting to think that this dragging on way too long. Most of us have already moved on by now! Besides, John Harbaugh has made it clear that we all knew what down it was and what the range was, even though the operators could’ve been asleep at the switch. We got nobody but to blame but ourselves, but all the haters need a reality check: the Ravens have nowhere to go but up after this. That is truth.

  • Anonymous

    @l4sley i realize the ravens lost,fair and square,but there is no need to be rude. the ravens were a good team this year and the pats only beat them by 3. it was an intense game,with the offense (pats) vs. the defense (ravens).great game all around,there is no shame in losing by 3. Billy kicked a ball, and he missed. end of sotry