Report: Egotistical Charlie Weis and Todd Haley Often Screamed at Each Other

A head-scratching news item was revealed last weekend, just before Kansas City’s season finale against the Raiders. It was reported and then confirmed that Charlie Weis would be leaving his position as offensive coordinator of the Chiefs for the same role at the University of Florida. Because Weis was not ascending in the coaching ranks — and arguably descending going from the NFL to college — many people wondered what sparked the move.

The carefully crafted public relations message conveyed was that Weis was moving to Florida to coach along with his son who is going to be a freshman in Gainesville. I never believed that nonsense, as only a sucker would, but I still wondered what the real reason was. Well luckily I got to hear an interview with KCSP host Nick Wright on JT The Brick’s Show on FOX Sports Radio, and let’s just say Wright did not hold back. Check out all the information he offered that most people would be afraid to say:

They bold-faced lied everybody. Todd Haley said it’s ‘bittersweet’ for me and that it’s purely family. That may or may not be true, here’s a few facts for you — Weis and Haley screamed at each other throughout the season. A handful of different players compared it to a bitter married couple. That’s a fact.

What’s also a fact, is that Charlie Weis is as egotistical, and worries more about who gets the credit than any coach I’ve ever been around. And it is not a shock to me at all that Charlie Weis left for Florida. You think the Chiefs wanted this [news] out? The Chiefs don’t let us talk to their players half the team. Charlie Weis let them leak it.

Instead of on Monday after the season ended before the playoffs, say ‘hey, this is what I’m doing, I’ll answer questions once, I’m done’ he’s never said a word about it. He let them leak it two days before the game and then Haley had to answer questions about it and Weis still hasn’t answered questions about it. … If that’s not a distraction, then distractions don’t exist.”

Whatever distractions they had last weekend surely have passed now that the Chiefs have a playoff game coming up. I’m not as concerned about KC’s playoff chances as I am about finding out the real story. The real story is that Weis and Haley did not get along and that’s why Weis is leaving. I don’t care what kind of rhetoric they spew; this is the story I’m believing, because the other one made little sense.

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  • http://www.kevin-pike.com Kevin Pike

    I’m not saying Nick is wrong, but I would dial down the impact in which he brings to almost any news. When he’s trying to fill 3 hours of talk radio, get phone calls, and boost ratings it seems the “system” no longer allows for hosts to take a mild-manner approach to any news story.

    That being said, I think if the situation was beyond a professional disagreements I’m sure Charlie would told the organization he needed surgery before the game and taken 3 weeks to recover.

  • http://twitter.com/jredhair Jeremy Redhair

    I think Mr. Wright needs to check the facts, there are people very close to the situation who say this is about Charlie and his family – end of story. Tim Grunhard who is fairly close to Charlie as well has stated the same thing on a competing radio station. It has alot to do with Charlie’s son and his Autistic daughter and doing what is best for them. Was the timing bad? Yes, but I don’t blame Charlie for that, i blame the media and UF for leaking the information.

  • http://twitter.com/JonVoightsCar Adam Westcave

    I think you’re right on, Kevin. I think 610 has kind of resented the fact that 810 got contracted to be “The Official Kansas City Chiefs Radio Station” with 101.1, and since then has been trying to re-brand themselves as the “alternative, un-biased” source for Chiefs news which would include blowing things out of proportion and making mountains out of mole-hills. Trying to drive listeners away from 810 under the promise of being “uncensored” Chiefs news.

    That being said, I still like Nick, but that’s how that station as a while seems to operate.

  • http://twitter.com/AlexisKC12 Love Child

    NIK is a n idiot ….nobody in KC believes this suk-up dork

  • Anonymous

    I think Charlie just likes the Hunan Buffet in Florida a little better than the KC BBQ.