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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Robert Griffin III’s dad reportedly pushing Redskins to hire Art Briles

Robert Griffin knee braceRobert Griffin III’s father is an interfering factor in Washington and even trying to get the team to hire Art Briles as head coach, according to a report.

Jason Cole writing at Bleacher Report reported some of the issues going on with the Redskins. He says RG3’s stubbornness has hindered his ability to receive coaching. Cole also says Griffin’s father has been a problem.

From Cole’s report:

In addition, Griffin’s father has increasingly become the kind of nuisance that some people warned NFL executives about before the 2012 draft. In recent weeks, according to two sources close to the situation, the elder Griffin has politicked Snyder to hire Baylor coach Art Briles, who coached the younger Griffin to a Heisman Trophy, to replace Shanahan.

This is not too surprising considering we shared a report recently saying that the Redskins were expected to pursue Briles once Mike Shanahan is done as the team’s coach. It sure sounds like Robert Griffin Jr. supports that move.

Cole also says “multiple team sources said they believe the father’s influence and interference have made this season more difficult.”

That explains why it was such a big deal that Griffin’s father was in the locker room after a game a few weeks ago.

In addition to the problems with Griffin’s father, Cole says the relationship between RG3 and team owner Daniel Snyder has undermined Shanahan’s ability to coach Griffin. Snyder loves RG3, which has empowered the quarterback and supposedly made it difficult for him to accept coaching. We’ve been hearing that notion for several weeks. Coaches have reportedly tried working with Griffin on his footwork, but he has supposedly been dismissive of this advice and instruction. In other words, Griffin became so big after his rookie season that he is not really open to coaching.

Sure, it’s easy for everyone to dump on Griffin now that he and his team are struggling, but maybe he needs to be reminded that he’s not a star yet and that he still has a lot of work to do. Until he can accept that, it will be difficult for him to reach his full potential as a player.

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