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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Robert Griffin III was worried about his knee in the first quarter

robert griffin kneeRobert Griffin III may have suffered a major injury to his right knee in the fourth quarter of the Washington Redskins’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, but the rookie quarterback was concerned about the knee the entire game. Griffin was seen limping after he rolled out and threw an incomplete pass in the first quarter. He completed a 4-yard touchdown pass on the next play, but sometime after that he admitted to offensive tackle Trent WIlliams that he was worried about the knee.

The conversation between RG3 and Williams was captured on the NFL Network’s “SoundFX” and can be heard here. It began when Williams asked Griffin if his knee felt OK.

“Yeah, I’m going to be safe,” Griffin replied.

“You tweaked it when you were trying to back up?” Williams asked.

“Yeah, my foot kind of went wah-wah,” RG3 explained.

“Did that shock you a little bit?” Williams continued.

“Yeah, scared the s— out of me,” Griffin said with a chuckle.

The conversation ended when Williams told Griffin to “be smart” and the rookie promised that he would. Of course, RG3 went on to tear up his knee in the fourth quarter and required surgery to have it repaired. He also came back from a torn ACL in 2009 at Baylor, so we know he’s capable of being an explosive player even after a major injury.

However, the injury history has to be a major concern for Redskins fans. Even if Griffin does return to form next season, his style of play makes his┬ásusceptible┬áto these types of injuries. If anything is going to derail RG3’s promising career, it will most likely be injuries that stem from his aggressiveness.

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