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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Robert Smith: Randy Moss’ Retirement is Ploy by Agent Joel Segal

Randy Moss supposedly announced he is retiring Monday but I have a hard time believing it. I just can’t believe Moss would go out like this. I can’t believe that he would go out with so little fanfare, attention, and after a trashy season like the one he had last year. His former teammate Robert Smith feels the same way. The NFL analyst said on SportsCenter Monday that he doesn’t believe Moss is retiring.

“I would be completely shocked if Randy stays retired,” Smith said. “I think this is a move by Joel Segal, his agent, to get his name back out there in such a whirlwind week of the NFL. I don’t think Randy is done.

“The statement from Joel Segal a few weeks ago about how Randy was in freakish shape, and how Randy had a chip on his shoulder, I can completely believe that. The situation last year, being on three different teams … he’s a guy with some pride. More than anything else in the last few years he’s thought about his legacy. That’s why he went to New England in the first place — to get himself a ring. He still doesn’t have that ring. I’m sure that stings for a person like Randy.

“I think in thinking about the legacy and thinking about being considered among the all-time greats, he can’t help but look at his resume from last year and say it was a disappointment.

“I will be completely surprised if he is retiring.”

Analysts and former players Hugh Douglas and Mark Schlereth also don’t believe Moss is retiring. Former receiver and Moss teammate Cris Carter thinks Randy is upset the Patriots only offered him a one-year deal. Yeah, most of us are in the same boat here. I’ll only believe this retirement news if three years from now Moss still hasn’t buckled up his chinstrap. Once that happens, then I’ll believe it.

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