SNL Kills it With Brett Favre Wrangler Commercial Spoof (Video)

Brett Favre has reportedly admitted to leaving voicemails on Jenn Sterger’s phone but denied ever having sent her inappropriate photos.  As usual, the writers over at Saturday Night Live aren’t interested in whether or not Favre is telling the truth.  The only thing they were worried about is turning the story into a hilarious skit.  It’s about time they got in on the action, because the end result was nothing shy of brilliant.  Have a look at the phenomenal Brett Favre Wrangler SNL video from Hulu.com:

I challenge you to pretend that’s not pure gold — Brett Favre fan or not.  Without a doubt a top-five sports related skit for SNL.

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  • http://www.thebrianspeer.com Brian Speer

    This is GREAT! ROFLMAO! Thanks Larry

  • Anonymous

    20 years ago this kind of hilarity was every single week.
    now…well not so much.
    great stuff, though

  • Anonymous

    That was a winner. My fly was already open though.