Tim Tebow and Drew Brees Will Appear on The Biggest Loser

You know you’re a special person when you’re making TV show appearances as a third-string quarterback. Such is the case for Tim Tebow, who along with Drew Brees and Eric Dickerson reportedly will appear on The Biggest Loser October 4th, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Some of the athletes will be seen competing against the contestants in a throwing contest, while others help the pound shedders with their “Last Chance Workout” before that week’s weigh-in. “It’s not just some great athlete coming out and saying ‘Hey, look at me!’” says BL exec producer Todd Lubin. “We actually get to their stories — and these NFL guys have unbelievable stories.”

Yup, Tebow will share his story of how hard work got him buried on the depth chart in Denver. Brees will talk about returning from shoulder surgery to eventually win Super Bowl MVP. You may be wondering why The Biggest Loser would be interested in having these players on the show and the answer is simple: they’re hoping the macho NFLers will help bring in a male audience. You know when Tebow’s involved, an entire fan base will be interested. Smart idea.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_C4Z4SQXAX62JCVG2NC56Z32M2E c

    hahaha. well said.
    Tebow is always going to be more of a Kardashian than an NFL-er. I mean Reggie Bush is still one of the most popular players in the league (vince young too) despite no production.
    He’s a open-ended narrative, a media-driven icon so it really doesn’t matter whether he does anything…it’ll always be a story.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    Reggie Bush and Vince Young are popular?!? Maybe if you’re counting negative publicity as being popular.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Yeah, hard to say how popular they are. Definitely well known, for good and bad reasons