Tim Tebow could be used on special teams with the Jets

When Rex Ryan said that the Jets planned to use Tim Tebow for around 20 snaps a game, many of us were thinking of the wildcat formation and the spread offense. That will likely be the case most of the time, but what if some of those snaps weren’t even on offense? According to Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column, the Jets are not opposed to using Tebow on special teams.

It is possible that the Jets could use Tebow as the personal protector on the punt team, which would leave open the opportunity that New York could snap it to him and fake a punt. We all know Tebow is an effective runner, but he also has the power needed to block or make a tackle. He could conceivably add another element to the Jets’ punt team, as opponents could never be sure of how Tebow is going to be utilized.

Of course, a couple of unsuccessful fake punts or a Tebow injury as a result of throwing a block could change the Jets’ plans. The point is Ryan and company want Tebow to touch the ball and have a chance to make plays. If those opportunities come on offense and he has success, they’ll continue to roll with it. If it means Tebow throws a few blocks and improves New York’s special teams, he’ll be willing to do that. One thing you can’t deny about Tebow is that he simply wants to win. Perhaps the Jets will surprise everyone and come up with creative ways to let their new backup help them do just that.

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  • Anonymous

    I won’t care about this in September.  I really don’t care in April.

  • Anonymous

    Tebow will actually be utilized as the team chaplain.

  • Dan Taylor

    Rex Ryan doesn’t know what a chaplain is…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S2O3HX6H2W5T2UZKR6WIF5C46I tex

    Tebow is just another one of those religious freaks. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YXBMX3NTUHBBQS67MVUUKJ642U Michael

    The Bench is a good place for Tebow, because he can’t play a quarter back,or maybe he should just open his own church somewhere and forget about football..He can take his “holly roller fan base with him!!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I must give the Jet’s some credit in recognizing that Tebow is not your run-of-the-mill talent! He is an extraordinary talent which only comes along once in a blue moon and whenever naysayers have told him that he couldn’t do something, not only has he ‘done it’, but he has done it better than everyone else! He was told he couldn’t be a QB in High School where he excelled, set records, won many awards, then they told him he couldn’t make it as a college QB and not only did he make it, but he set records which are still standing as well as won a whole list of awards, including the Heisman Trophy as the FIRST college sophomore EVER to do that! (of course he was told he would NEVER win the Heisman?) Now he has been told by the same spiteful, jealous idiots who have less talent than Tebow has in his little finger, that he will never make it as an NFL QB? Oh yeah? My money is on Tebow and I fully believe he will be making a stop as an inductee  in Canton, OH when all is said and done! Bet on it!

  • Anonymous

    Bet he plays QB better than you, your not even in the NFL and never will be tool! LOL

  • Anonymous

    don’t look now, but god is watching you

  • Anonymous

    Holy is one “L”… Tebowmaniac suggests you steer away from Hell and go back to school….  I’m sorry, you probably needed me to miss spell that to Schooll – Jesus will only love you if you love him back – do I hear an amen?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this is what Tebow had in mind. He’s seems to be the weird act sideshow in their circus.

  • Anonymous

                                                       know  matter  what
                                                                  tebow does,
                                                             he does it right
                                                             and i think the broncos
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                                                               he can make touch-downs
                                                              hes been out of practice
                                                              4 over a year now.
                                                               i cant wait til the
                                                               jets & the broccos play
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                                                               that will teach the
                                                                            broncos a lesson
                                                                guess what -if peton gets
                                                                 thier gonna wish that they
                                                                 never let tebow go
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                                                                  never ———go
                                                                            but-im glad
                                                                                  hes the best
                                                                   & the jets are very
                                                                                    lucky to have
                                                                   tebow is the best there is,
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                                                                                 i know hes gonna do good
                                                                                               hes done good
                                                                                               all of his life
                                                                                                      always will.



  • Bill Cangemi

    Some people are sports fans and people are FANS OF SMACK CRAP TALK.  Those who absolutely know nothing about Tebow and professional sports need to go stick their heads in the toilet and give themselves a swirly.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a sports fan who spouts my opinions, just the one who prepares the food for the big couch sports authorities and who usually stays in the kitchen.  But i love what Tim Tebow stands for and am interested in what he is doing for the sports fellows who think like i do and i see from reading this blog that most think he is a crumb but he is merely a humble believer and i’m becoming a big fan because of him and his attitude and his prayer posturing which seems to offend all the big shots. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/zimmeri Zimmeri McNeal

    Those who have talent play the game, those who can’t play the game Coach and those who cant play or coach sit back and talk crap about the players and the coaches…  See where this is going…