Tim Tebow a Better Athlete Than Michael Vick?

When it comes to the combine, most fans go one of two directions — you either like it or find it pointless. I fall on the side of people who don’t like it too much. While I think it can serve to affirm what you already know about a player — that they’re extremely fast, strong, or athletic — I don’t think a poor showing should change a team’s mind about a player. When it comes to Tim Tebow, the opinions vary vastly. Some think his heart and Bible will lead him to greatness on Sundays while others feel he doesn’t have the skills to succeed at the next level. There is one fact about him that all fans can agree on: he’s extremely strong and athletic for a quarterback.

Tebow impressed several scouts by tying an NFL combine record for quarterbacks with his 38.5″ vertical leap. You’ll be extra impressed when you hear that Tebow’s leap barely surpassed Michael Vick’s 38″ mark. You’ll place this nugget back into proper context when you realize it ties Tebow with Josh McCown for the record. McCown has 35 career touchdown passes. I’m willing to bet that’s more than Tebow will have. Any takers?

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  • RickfromBama

    Tebow is extremely athletic, his legs are like tree trunks for sure. The guy is a beast, we all know that. I admit i was hatin on him for a while but if its true about his work ethic being crazy enough for a new throwing motion, all of the haters are gonna cry. That includes me and Brown lol. I have a stinkin feelin he’s gonna be pretty good afterall.

  • RickfromBama

    It will take some time, maybe two years for him to fully mature as a NFL quarterback but with the right staff he will succeed. He wont be a Peyton Manning or a Dan Marino but then who is? He is big enough and can even play tight end, he’s obviously a bright kid who’s work ethic aint no Jamarcus Russell. Gawd, this is difficult to come to terms with. I think he goes in the second round if the Jags don’t get over excited. With any sort of success, he will be marketing platinum.