Tony Dungy’s Disparaging Comments Inspired Cowboys Against Saints

For a guy who seems so reasonable and fair, former Colts coach Tony Dungy made quite an absolute statement last weekend on Sunday Night Football on NBC. When discussing the upcoming Cowboys and Saints game regarding Dallas’ chances at the playoffs, Dungy said the Cowboys didn’t stand a chance against the Saints in New Orleans, adding that the Giants were likely to jump the Cowboys for the final playoff spot in the NFC. Apparently the Cowboys coaches got a hold of the tape and played it for their team as a motivational tactic. The tactic proved to be quite effective; Tony Romo was particularly motivated by Dungy’s remarks.

In two separate occasions after the game, Romo made reference to Dungy’s disparaging comments. First, on the field after the game, Romo told Alex Flanagan of NFL Network that Dungy’s comments motivated the team. Later in the postgame press conference, Romo said the same thing and elaborated, adding that he was surprised to hear such a definitive statement coming from a former coach. Romo’s right — if anyone should understand the “Any Given Sunday” concept, it would be a former coach. But Dungy is now a television commentator and he has clearly embraced that role, making firm and polarizing statements. Even if Dungy’s trying to be controversial, I’m surprised he didn’t leave any room for the possibility of a Dallas victory. I remember being surprised to hear Dungy discredit Dallas, but I’m more surprised it got back to the Cowboys players and that they used it to their advantage. Good for them, it was a well-deserved win. So much for the December lull b.s. the media was drilling into everyone’s mind; beating the Saints proves the Cowboys can be as good as anyone in the NFL.

Here’s a taste of Dungy’s analysis of the Cowboys last weekend on NBC:

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  • TheEndZone

    Who dat Cowboys?

  • SpinMax

    same story from the media all the time. All I hear is how Romo chokes in the playoffs, never will win the super bowl. The guy has come into the season as the starter for only 3 years and has that pegged to him. How successful was Favre his first few years in the playoffs? Elway? Peyton Manning? Steve Young? I guess if you can’t win the super bowl in your first 3 years you’re a loser. Oh wait, that only applies to the Cowboys who people need an excuse to hate on.

  • Gene

    Dungy, a former defensive back, was absolutely correct in describing Terence Newman’s error on that particular play.

    However, the Cowboys are a different team this year than last. So are the Steelers, Patriots and others. Tony Romo has received a bum rap from the media. Even the blame for the infamous botched hold against Seattle was solely placed upon him. I felt that Parcells should have had at least half the blame for keeping Romo as the holder after he replaced Bledsoe as the starting QB. You could see Seattle’s holder and kicker taking practice snaps on the sideline, something that was not available to Dallas because Romo was on the field engineering the drive. The media never asked Parcells why he did not have Bledsoe or the punter become the holder.

    Now, I notice that Wade baby is asking Romo to be the holder once more. I have no idea why he is tempting the fates and, as Yogi was credited with saying, asking for “deja vu all over again”.

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    Hi Larry,

    Thanks for this. I link to it in my most recent post. Check it out here.


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