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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Video: Brandon Marshall Acts Like Immature Baby at Practice

The best way to describe Broncos WR Brandon Marshall right now would be “disgruntled.” While recovering from hip surgery, he saw his quarterback work his way out of town to Chicago. Marshall was dealing with a court case and when he won it, he found out the team didn’t want the players congratulating him for winning it. He’s giving the new coaching staff a hard time and says he doesn’t know the playbook. He’s been asking for either a trade or a new contract and he hasn’t received either. So he resorted to poor behavior at practice on Wednesday.

Marshall wouldn’t run with the team during drills, punted balls away from the ballboys, and he refused to catch passes during drills. Coach Josh McDaniels would not address the issue publicly.

Marshall later admitted his behavior was an error in judgement which is at least a positive sign that he still has somewhat of a conscience. It’s hard to really know what to do here — Marshall saw his pal Jay Cutler work his way out of Denver so he was trying to do the same thing. You figure he should just suck it up and play out the final year of his contract and sign somewhere else in the offseason, but after seeing Cutler’s success he’s trying to get a jumpstart on his future. Plus, with his type of numbers I’d be asking for a new deal too. The guy’s already played with a crappy contract the past three years and has put up Pro Bowl numbers each of the last two. Packers gave Greg Jennings a new deal this offseason, Broncos should have done the same with Marshall. Seems to me that both parties are to blame here.

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