Video: Hypocritical Jared Allen Upset Over Cheap Shot by Gosder Cherilus

Jared Allen is one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. I don’t need some SI players poll to tell me that — I can figure it out on my own. The guy’s got like three DUIs, he’s been suspended games because of it, and he’s been fined like 90 grand this year, mostly for dirty hits on quarterbacks. He got docked 50 large for taking out Matt Schaub’s knees, an injury that made Schaub miss about four games. He was fined 25 grand for his late hits on Aaron Rodgers. This guy’s a dirty, filthy, disgusting player who isn’t much of a sportsman on the field. But as soon as someone turns the table on him, he gets completely outraged and incensed like an utter hypocrite. Check out the video of Allen getting cut-blocked by Gosder Cherilus of the Lions on Sunday and turn your volume down (the music in the video sucks).

Allen gets up all raging bull style on Cherilus like he can’t believe how someone could be so dirty as to go after his unprotected knees. Duh, Jared! That’s the exact thing you’re doing to quarterbacks and you’re not thinking twice before harming them. Now that you know how it feels, maybe you’ll take it upon yourself to play with slightly more caution. It would serve us all better.

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  • Erik

    First off, Jared Allen has never been suspended for any dirty hits. Second of all he only had 2 DUI;s and for some reason assholes like yourself can’t allow someone to change. Have you ever actually watched any of these hits? The hits on Schaub were not illegal! I mean seriously by the time Schaub let go of the ball JAred Allen was already being pushed down. He just jumped forward to try and sack the QB.

    The hit on Allen was cheap and should have been illegal, but the NFL is hypocritical. They fine Allen for playing hard and a few of the hits should have been a fine, but seriously the hit on Allen was as cheap as you can get. The guy was no where near the QB and Cherilus throws his helmet into his knee! That is cheap!

    People like you who don’t really know what your talking about and just go off what you hear your buddies say or fans of the QB that got hit is stupid. Do us all a favor and actually research what you write about instead of just calling the guy a dirty player.

  • Josh

    Seriously? Are you a complete retard? Let me guess, you are a bitter Packer fan? Otherwise, you must be a complete retard. I don’t even know where to start.

  • katie

    You’re a complete idiot! Jared Allen is not and never will be a dirty player; get your facts straight moron.