Video: Troy Polamalu One-Handed Interception Against Titans

Before Troy Polamalu headed to the locker room with a knee injury, the victim of the Madden Curse, he showed off a few of the skills that make him a Pro Bowler. Not only did he surge the backfield like a missile to tackle Chris Johnson for a loss early in the game, but he also made an incredible one-handed interception late in the first quarter. Check out the video:

That was pretty sweet. I’m guessing Polamalu’s right-handed, but either way being able to make a one-handed grab like that on such a deep ball is extremely impressive. Plus, if you look carefully you’ll notice that Kenny Britt pushes off on Troy yet he still makes the grab. Sean Smith of the Dolphins had a one-handed pick in the preseason that was sweet, but this one blows it away. Too bad Troy gave some of it back with all his personal foul penalties and too bad the injury is taking him away for a few games.

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  • SpinMax

    Good riddance to the one of the worst cheap shot artists in the league. They came up with a new rule because Roy Williams pulled guys down from behind…but Polamalu continues to be allowed to launch himself helmet first into guys’ knees. I can’t stand players like that, even on my team.