Female Golfer Isabelle Beisiegel Qualifies for Men’s Canadian Tour

Isabelle Beisiegel became the first female golfer to qualify for a men’s tour when she earned the last non-exempt card for the Canadian Tour this week. Beisiegel shot a three-over 75 in the final round at Qualifying School Friday giving her a four-round score of eight-over 296. While other female golfers have played in men’s events in the past (see Annika Sorenstam, Michelle Wie), Beisiegel is the first to qualify for a tour.

The way qualifying works for the Candian Tour is pretty simple. 12% of the field at Canadian Qualifying School earns exempt status and the next 12% earns non-exempt status. Exempt status means a player can enter and play in any field event. Non-exempt status means you qualify for certain events based on your ranking coming out of Q-School and your ranking on tour. Non-exempt members may have to qualify to earn a spot in events.

Even though Beisiegel hasn’t earned exempt status, what she’s done is nevertheless impressive. What’s extremely impressive is that she earned the spot despite knowing what was at stake. “I focused on thinking about where I was and not what could happen,” Beisiegel she said after qualifying. She also admitted the feeling was a little overwhelming. When you’ve made history, it’s hard for it not to be.

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  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    What a story at least she wasnt handed her card on a platter like Wie & Sorenstam. That being said the Canadian Tour is not even close to the PGA. Its one level lower then the Nationwide. But still some good golfers came from that system like Mike Weir prior to his PGA hey days. 

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Yeah, that’s the thing I like is she at least earned it and wasn’t handed a sponsor’s exemption like you said.

  • Anonymous

    What you should know is the Isabelle was a member of the LPGA tour when she contracted Graves Diseasen a thyroid condition with debilitating side effects. Her condition was described by a doctor as a thyroid storm. She was in constant pain, couldn’t sleep, her hands trembled and her vision was blurred. Yet she continued to play. The LPGA refused her request for a medical exemption and she lost her playing privileges. She never quit, “That’s not a word that’s in my vocabulary,”she said.
    Isabelle was finally diagnosed correctly and her thyroid wa removed. She spent months flat on her back in rehab before she could even lift a golf club.
    She has survived and conquered her illness. She had overcome derision and ridicule by men’s tour players and she continued to try to earn her way onto the men’s tour.
    She refused all sponsors exemptions, preferring to “earn” playing privileges the right way
    Now she has become the first of her gender to do so.
     No one deserves it more.

  • bumsrush

    I know it’s not politically correct, but women shouldn’t be allowed on the men’s tour – it’s all pressure for the men, all gravy for the women. There’s a reason for separating men’s and women’s competition.

  • bumsrush

    But do the men deserve to have a kunt on tour?