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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tiger Woods becomes furious with writer Alex Miceli for asking about Navy SEALs rumor (Video)

Over the past two years, Tiger Woods has had to battle questions about his extramarital affairs and the collapse of his personal life. Now, he has to deal with a book his former coach Hank Haney wrote. Tiger has described the book as “unprofessional and very disappointing,” and it appears answering questions about it is taking its toll. As you see above, Tiger had an extremely awkward exchange with golf writer Alex Miceli on Wednesday after Miceli pressed him about the rumors in the book that Woods trained to become a Navy SEAL back in 2006.

Obviously the Navy SEAL rumor is a sore subject for Woods, who has made it clear that he has no intention of talking about Haney’s book during press conferences anymore. How awkward was that, “Have a nice day,” line? If Tiger could bring that death stare back onto the golf course, he might actually start intimidating opponents again.

H/T to Devil Ball Golf for the video

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