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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Woman claims LeBron James asked for a girl’s phone number at White House

The Miami Heat visited the White House on Tuesday to be honored by President Obama. During the trip, LeBron James supposedly went fishing off the deck.

NBC News associate producer Stacey Klein shared some details about her White House experience on her Instagram page, and she claimed she saw LeBron ask for a girl’s phone number:

Stacey Klein LeBron Instagram

It looks like Klein deleted that and shared the same photos on Instagram again with a different note that omitted the LeBron part.

“The HEAT at the WH today. Team presented a “POTUS” jersey to the head honcho,” the new note said.

Maybe Klein changed it because she didn’t like the attention her post was receiving.

If this did happen, LeBron can always easily claim that he was exchanging numbers for business purposes. That’s a very simple excuse. But he also faced some cheating allegations over the summer prior to his wedding, so this doesn’t exactly help his image on that front. Now if this happened with Dwyane Wade, few would doubt it.

H/T Black Sports Online

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