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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

DeMatha High School football players kicked off team for hiring prostitutes

Five football players from DeMatha Catholic High School in Maryland have reportedly been kicked off the team after an incident involving prostitutes. The No. 7-ranked Stags had traveled to North Carolina for their season opener against Hillside when the alleged incident occurred. Two players have since withdrawn from the school while another two have been recommended for expulsion. The fifth student faces a disciplinary hearing on Friday morning.

Naturally, you’re probably wondering how this went down. One parent says the students hired prostitutes from a call service in North Carolina and engaged in sexual activity with them in their hotel room. DeMatha had 18 adults chaperoning the trip, but the boys supposedly called the service at 5 a.m. The parents perform a bed check at 1:30 a.m. and a final hall check at 4 a.m.

“My concern is where were the coaches and chaperones and how did this happen?” the parent of one of the players who was involved said, according to the Washington Post. “These are boys, you should have been on them, knocking on their doors. …Why are there (18) coaches at this hotel and kids are able to sneak three prostitutes in at 5 a.m.?”

The head football coach and principal at the school said they could not comment until the players involved go through a disciplinary hearing. To the parent who is blaming the administration for her son allegedly ordering a prostitute at 5 a.m — what are the chaperones supposed to do? Everyone goes to sleep at some point. You can’t possibly watch the team every minute of the night, nor should you have to with high school students.

While the team certainly needs to be supervised, that doesn’t mean the players aren’t old enough to take responsibility for their actions. They knew what they were doing was wrong, otherwise they wouldn’t have waited until 5 a.m. We’ve heard people say soccer players love prostitutes, but at least they were talking about professionals. Was it a case of high school kids being high school kids? Of course, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t accountable.

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