High school cheerleading coach fired after calling girls ‘highfalutin heifers’ (Video)

Who says cheerleading isn’t a sport? When you have a collection of people who are competing and working together to accomplish something, that sounds kind of like a sport, right? If we have cheerleading coaches in America going Bob Knight on their team in the locker room, it must be. According to KPRC-TV in Houston, a cheerleading coach at Cypress Woods High School was fired recently after she went on an epic rant to her squad. After losing her cool with the team several times, one of the girls decided to record her spaz out on her cell phone. The results were enough to get the coach fired. Check out this video that Guyism shared with us:

I’d say calling a group of high school girls “heifers” is probably enough grounds for termination. And what does having a mortgage have to do with anything? Is this the first time you’ve ever heard a cheerleading coach pull a Mike Gundy? This is all a new concept to me. This woman needs to relax. Fortunately, she’ll have plenty of time to do that now that it’s going to be almost impossible for her to find a job in any type of leadership position.

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  • tiara owens

    Get your facts straight. She was NOT fired. This is a very poorly written article. Make sure you have all the facts, before writing a one-sided article.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Morrow-Rosanna/100003334320233 Morrow Rosanna

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  • Anonymous

    so what are the facts to the above ?
    My 14 yr old daughter wore the wrong shorts with her cheer attire here in AZ and the coach gave the entire 17 other girls the choice of them picking her sitting out for which game ect (which was never done the entire yr so far, the team giving /picking the punishment) — fine– but when the girls were allowed to GIVE the punishment too, it turned into a free for all. MY child was  called a disappointment, a let down, even a whore by some of her team mates . ALL of this took place while the coach stood there and said little to nothing!!!! This would never happen in an actual  class room.
    Can a coach make 17  14 yr old girls get along, no, but she could have demanded them show respect  while handing down the choice of punishment and she didn’t. This is not to mention ten million other issues with this coach…. my daughter wrote me right after her punishment, she felt empty, why why why why why me, i feel worthless all because the coach let this get WAY out of hand.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1587865173 F Thomas Simpson

    I guess she’ll wear the right attire from now on, won’t she?