Grow a Playoff Hockey Beard with LBS for Charity, Get Featured on the Site

It’s that wonderful time of year again. The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin on Wednesday which means most players involved won’t shave until their team gets knocked out of the postseason. Some squads are going with playoff mullets, but most are expected to rock the traditional playoff beard in a hope that it will bring them luck.

In the past, we’ve written about the recommended playoff beard guidelines and that should help you get caught up with the tradition. Two times during my life, once during college and another in the early years of the site, I decided to grow a playoff beard with my team. While the grizzled whiskers can get annoying, joining your squad in a show of solidarity can’t be beat.

So here’s the deal: LBS is challenging you to grow a playoff beard in support of your team. Starting now, you don’t shave until your team gets knocked out of the postseason. If you choose to participate, send us beard progress reports and pictures and let us know who your team is, and we’ll feature you on the site. Then, after your team either wins the Stanley Cup or gets eliminated, LBS will make a donation to the charity of your choice on your behalf.

If you already have a team, this will be a great chance to join forces with them and unite. If you don’t, it’s a fun opportunity to choose a team so you’ll have a vested interest in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. My team is the Boston Bruins and I’ve picked them to reach the Cup, so I’ll be rolling in stubble for several weeks.

Come on, tell me you don’t want to wind up looking like this in a few weeks!

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  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    LB I have done this in the past with my Canucks but couldnt take it after a few weeks. I will do this only if I can shave the part under the chin line, it gets way to itchy. I can keep the stuble above no problem. Let me know if you will accept that.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Awesome, you’re on Chad. Especially with the Canucks as the top seed, you could be in for a long ride.

  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    Ok fine I guess for a before and after pick I will get one taken before the game tommorow and send it over. Im assuming you are pulling for the Ducks or Kings in SoCAL. A good chance the Ducks could meet Van in the 2nd round would be interesting.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Boston Bruins, that’s my team. And I fully expect a Stanley Cup appearance too.