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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Playoff Beards Move on to Conference Finals and Hopefully Stanley Cup Finals

On April 14th, three cleanly shaved men vowed to toss aside their razors and grow a playoff beard in support of their hockey teams. Our buddy Arsen dropped out after two weeks and as Karma would have it, his Red Wings lost in the next round. As of two weeks ago, both myself (a Boston Bruins fan), and Chad Margulius of IntheOT.com (a Vancouver Canucks fan) had mostly stubble. Now, as you can tell in the pictures above, we both have full on beards going.

Chad has been cleanly manicuring his beard as you can tell, but it’s getting pretty long for him. Regardless, it’s worked; his Vancouver Canucks have represented the top spot in the Western Conference well as they have beaten the Blackhawks and now the Predators. The Canucks will begin their Conference Finals series with the San Jose Sharks on Sunday in Vancouver. Be sure to stop by Chad’s site IntheOT.com for fun sports commentary (and don’t tell him I predicted a Bruins-Sharks Finals either).

As for me, this beard is just getting out of hand. I’ve never had a beard before in my life and when I started, I figured I might have to keep it for like six weeks but I didn’t realize it would be this hard. The beard is getting all bushy and nasty, and I have hair growing on my neck, cheeks, and all around my chin. It’s coming in brown and gold and red — just colors I never knew my body could produce. I desperately want to shave, and I’m embarrassed to go out in public … but the Bruins keep on winning, so it’s paying off. And if there’s one thing Bull Durham taught us, it’s you don’t screw with a winning streak, so I won’t.

Anyway, here’s to a Bruins and Canucks Finals, and in honor of the playoff beards, we invite you to grab a free razor courtesy of Gillette and take the Fusion Pro Glide Challenge. We have 350 free razors to give away, so pick yours up!

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