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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer Karl Rominger wanted to buy coeds drinks at the bar

I think it’s safe to say that Jerry Sandusky found the only attorneys creepy enough to represent him in court. You may recall that Sandusky’s prominent lawyer, Joe Amendola, reportedly impregnated a teenager during the ’90s. That same creepster also asked on national TV if a CNN interviewer was “somebody cute.” His other lawyer seems to be on the same page.

Karl Rominger (pictured with Sandusky) tweeted late Monday to say he would be buying drinks at a State College, Penn., bar. Best of all? He requested the presence of females:

Rominger seemed to think he was playing some sort of joke on Twitter with that tweet, calling people “suckers” for getting hooked to the coeds line. I fail to see what’s so funny about a guy defending Jerry Sandusky buying drinks for Penn State students at a State College bar and requesting the presence of females, even if he was joking, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

And in case you think this whole thing was fake, there is photo proof that Rominger was at the bar.

Meanwhile, Sandusky released a statement on the eve of his sentencing to proclaim his innocence against “false allegations.”

What a team, huh?

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