Jason Whitlock apologizes for ruining Jeremy Lin’s story, not for racist joke

Jason Whitlock addressed the racist tweet he sent about Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin Friday, apologizing for ruining the great story, but failing to apologize for invoking a stereotype.

Responding to the Asian American Journalists Association which called for him to apologize, Whitlock wrote the following:

I get Linsanity. I’ve cried watching Tiger Woods win a major golf championship. Jeremy Lin, for now, is the Tiger Woods of the NBA. I suspect Lin makes Asian Americans feel the way I feel when I watch Tiger play golf.

I should’ve realized that Friday night when I watched Lin torch the Lakers. For Asian Americans and a lot of sports fans, his nationally-televised 38-point outburst was the equivalent of Tiger’s first victory in The Masters. I got caught up in the excitement. I tweeted about what a great story Lin is and how he could rival Tim Tebow.

I then gave into another part of my personality — my immature, sophomoric comedic nature. It’s been with me since birth, a gift from my mother and honed as a child listening to my Godmother’s Richard Pryor albums. I still want to be a standup comedian.

The couple-inches-of-pain tweet overshadowed my sincere celebration of Lin’s performance and the irony that the stereotype applies to pot-bellied, overweight male sports writers, too. As the Asian American Journalist Association pointed out, I debased a feel-good sports moment. For that, I’m truly sorry.

That’s a weak apology from Whitlock, and it really isn’t much of one. He doesn’t address the racial stereotype from his tweet which is what many people found extremely inappropriate. The issue isn’t really that he “debased a feel-good sports moment,” but that one of the industry’s leaders on race in sports used a racial stereotype to discredit a professional athlete. That’s what he should have apologized for, not for ruining the story.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1103111424 Cloud Xen Xu

    I wonder why this guy is tweetin’ about other men’s penis’? Whitlock=closet homosexual. I really didn’t find the comment offensive, but still wondering why of all the things he could talk about he chose another mans penis????? I guess if Whitlock is gay, that’s cool – – – to each his own – – -

  • Anonymous

    Feel sorry for the black community that one of their own has fed into their own horrible history with racism.  It’s obvious he thinks “bigger” in every sense of the word is a good thing…sumo wrestler that he is.  Obesity is a disease and I suggest taking care of that before worrying about other people’s supposed appendages.  Btw, don’t really fat men like him have shrinking penis’s because they go back deep into the fat folds? He must have been tweeting about himself……..I can’t surmise anything else because Lin is 6’3″.  Must have been penis envy…..

  • Gene

    MLK’s dream was for a color blind society where people are solely judged on achievements and lack of same.  Whitlock deserves to be punished the same way any white, Asian or Latino would be for a statement of this type.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HUVXEFOLL3BHYFQ7AR7L2H5JCE Tony Patterson

    Jason Whitlock has a small pee pee.  Obviously.

  • http://twitter.com/Inspin Inspin
  • http://www.facebook.com/EmeraldXSnow Kylan Ohgodfireburns

    This only becomes a problem when over-sensitive people make it a problem.  Why can we joke about this kind of stuff in private but then be crucified for doing it in public just because somebody wants to get offended?  When did offending people become a crime?  Everybody needs to just take a step back and learn to laugh at the humor.  It wasn’t a malicious comment, just a stupid one, and stupidity isn’t a crime either.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/47SFXX72FR37JVWLUWHA5BYXYY John Danielson

    Unfortunately, Kylan, stupidity isn’t a crime in the U.S.  It IS, however, a crime against nature.  Luckily for you and Whitlock we can’t do much about that either.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NFYRCI3IBVGGS7YRK2ED2PTNHE Here Legally

    Whitlock loves the penis more than sports.  It’s ok, it’s 2012.  He is into Asian penis.  It’s ok Jason, go ahead, enjoy it.  Don’t worry, the two incher won’t hurt your bottom.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YXYDPWF4FHXYRXAXJ56PA3GTDU jenn

    Mr. Whitlock, do you know that when you get fatter, you’re thing get shorter? You suppose to know that yourself before you tweet something like this. Look at yourself first. And stop being so jealous!!!