Joe Morgan Tells Yet Another Lie on Sunday Night Baseball

Joe MorganThis is almost becoming a habit for Joe Morgan and no longer a surprise. Two years ago, Morgan lied during a Sunday night game, saying he contributed to the Phillies blowing a big lead down the stretch of the ’64 season as a rookie with Houston. A few problems: Morgan made his rookie debut in ’63 and the Phillies never played the Astros during their collapse. Last year Morgan professed to be one of the stadium builders for the Cubs, saying the netting a Wrigley Field was named Banks Boulevard for all the home runs he hit up there. In actuality, the netting wasn’t put up until the end of Banks’ career and it never had that nickname. Now, for the third straight year, we’ve found Morgan lying yet again. The latest fib came right after Yadier Molina doubled in the 8th to break up Cliff Lee’s no-hit bid. As Morgan told it on ESPN, via Deadspin:

“I guess I can tell this story now, one of my great experiences when I was a young player. Don Wilson was pitching a no-hitter against the Atlanta Braves. They had Orlando Cepeda, Rico Carty, Felipe Alou and Hank Aaron, of course. And they got to the ninth inning, he got two outs, no one on base, and Hank Aaron was the hitter. And in my infinite wisdom, I ran in to the mound. I said, “You know, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if Hank Aaron walked right here. He said, ‘Get back to second base.’ I proceeded to go back to second base. He threw three fastballs right by Hank Aaron. No-hitter.”

Sounds like a cool story, right? Well, here’s where he’s busted …

This would’ve been June 18, 1967, Joe’s third full season in the bigs. That Braves team did indeed feature Hank Aaron, Felipe Alou and Rico Carty — though not Cepeda, who was in St. Louis that year. And Wilson did indeed throw a no-hitter, striking out Aaron to end the game. None of that’s the problem. The problem, as a tipster points out, is that Joe Morgan wasn’t playing that day. Look at the box score. The Astros’ second baseman was Julio Gotay. Morgan, who was probably hurt, hadn’t played since June 3. He would pinch-hit the next two games, then return to the lineup June 21

OK, this is just like having Matt Millen, the world’s worst GM ever, occupy an “expert” analysis chair on TV — this guy has no credibility. How are we supposed to believe any story Joe Morgan tells on air when it’s been proven he’s a consistent liar? For goodness sakes, ESPN, get this guy off the air! Don’t you have any standards for truth?

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  • Gene

    When will they ever get this guy out of the booth? I admired him as a player, but his biases toward the Cincinnati Reds and his “inaccurate memory” have made his position as a journalist untenable.

    In baseball parlance, “throw the bum out!!”

  • Jeff J

    The best game this year was a few weeks ago, when Joe Morgan was out sick, and they had Orel Hershiser in the booth. Of course in a few weeks, Joe will discuss how he told a great story that night in the booth.

    Joe has got to go!

  • SpinMax

    Did I ever tell you guys about the time Larry Brown and I went to Vegas and Larry got in that fight with former champ Jack Johnson?

  • tom

    I agree…get rid of Joe–he is awful…

  • Furr

    I live in Ohio and was watching this game. I distinctly remember Joe telling this story, after the first hit, and thinking ‘Oh, funny story. Cool.’ I guess I am conditioned to assume that every commentator tells the truth all of the time. It’s unbelievable someone would make up such a stupid little tale. I have lost all respect for Morgan. Thank you LBS for exposing this fraudulent punk.

  • http://www.globalsportsfraternity.com Henry

    Uh…is it just me or does Joe look a little too “glossy eyed” in the picture you chose. I think his extracurricular activities could be contributing to his memory issues.

  • Jake

    Not only is he lying all the time, but he is an absolute moron who doesn’t even watch baseball himself (except for sunday nights, obviously) . I remember him saying last year that Luis Castillo has “spent most of his time in the American League”. He must have been sleeping the TEN years he played for Florida.

  • Gene

    Does Morgan have dirty pictures of top ESPN executives? That is the only plausible reason for their keeping him around, given his track record of “changing history” and prattling on and on.

  • http://n/a Jeffrey Perry

    So it is June 21, 2009, and Joe Morgan is doing the Dodgers vs. Angels game for Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. He was talking about how Jim Maloney (a pitcher for the Reds in the 60’s) threw a no hitter and was the toughest pitcher he knew. Morgan went on to say that Maloney died tragically in a…….Then he realized that maybe he hadn’t thought this particular lie through enough, and he was cut off by the play by play guy. The moral of the story is: JIM MALONEY IS ALIVE. HE DID NOT DIE.

  • http://www.lennysyankees.com lenNY’s Yankees

    Wow, nice catch.

    Here’s my issue: why the heck are you so concerned about this? The most important thing about Sunday Night Baseball is the game itself, not the announcers. I was watching that game when he told this lie, but I had it on mute. You seem really adamant about firing Morgan because he juiced up his story a little bit.

    I’m sure the real truth to the whole story is that he told Wilson after the game that he should have walked Aaron, as a joke. If that was the case, the story still is entertaining and everything is fine. I highly doubt the gist of the story – Morgan advising a walk – was completely fabricated.

  • Steve D

    Joe Morgan is the worst announcer I have ever heard and it takes alot to be worst then Joe Buck and Tim McCarver (another comment for a later date)He makes himself look like a bigger asshole then he already is. He is nothing but a LIAR . He needs to get his facts right before he opens his mouth! GET smart ESPN , I agree with the comment posted by Gene “THROW THE BUM OUT” I can’t wait until he get’s a sore throat again and can’t do a Sunday Night Broadcast. It must really bother him to see the YANKEES in first place, since he is such a hater!