MSG displays Jeremy Lin fortune cookie image (Picture)

Here’s something MSG probably would like to take back. During Wednesday night’s broadcast of the Knicks’ 100-85 win over the Kings, the network displayed this unfortunate (get it?) image of Jeremy Lin‘s head over a fortune cookie. The image was initially reported as an MSG graphic, but MSG says the image was of a fan’s sign.

The Knicks are now 7-0 since Lin began playing significant minutes. In that time he’s averaged 24.4 points and 9.1 assists, posting a career high in assists (13) Wednesday. He has delivered constantly and revitalized New York’s season.

You would have figured after what’s already happened that MSG would be conscious about not crossing the racism line when it comes to Jeremy Lin. They used poor judgment by displaying the image.

Photo via Darren Rovell

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  • Anonymous

    First of all, what happened to our stabillity? We used to be a nation that new what was appropriate and inapropriate. Now we have become a nation of wimps and overly sensitive winers. The photo has absolutely nothing to do with racism in my opinion.  
      It’s not like posting a black (African-American) with a slice of watermelon and a huge grin on his face. That does suggest racism and sterotyping of the worst kind because all peoples eat watermelon. I even know some African-American folk who do not.
       Now the MSG poster only speaks of somethibg that is a fact. Asians are solely reponsible for fortune cookies, itis highly rare if not improbable to get them anywhere other than an Asian restaurant.
      I believe that this poster is a very appropriate because it speaks of the good fortune that an Asian-American has brought to the NY Knicks franchise. Metaphorically it works.
     As for floyde Mayweather (fair weather) Jr. Lin is popular because he beat the odds as a basketball player not because he’s Asian, besides the NBA is dominated by African-Americans who went from high school to the pros. So Floyde should stay inwhere he’s safe fom the Pac-Man storm. 

  • Anonymous

    i think it was all in sense of humor and harmless but, if it was a black guy with fried chicken it would totally be different and would be considered racism. so why is it that people say”have a sense of humor and stop being sensitive”.  i think when it comes to black people your supposed to be more aware of what you say because it can easily turn into racism soon as u stereotype black people. so what makes these people think its ok to post something like this and expect(asian) people to have a sense of humor.

  • M Palusevic

    This is a complete NON-ISSUE!!  Jeremy Lin is Asian, and Taiwanese at that.  Did they not bring Fortune Cookies to our nation?  I am Albanian, and if they had my face next to an Albanian dish or a double-headed eagle, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be lambasted nor would I want them to be.  GET BACK DOWN TO EARTH, MEDIA! STOP TRYING TO RUIN EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE’S DAY!

    However, all of you other guys need to shut up about black people and fried chicken also. The only reason why it isn’t the same is because black people didn’t invent fried chicken, the Colonel did. They just love it the most. I hate the double standard on racism.