That Recent Barry Bonds Poll Was a Load of B.S.

A poll came out suggesting that only 52% of fans do not want to see Barry break Hank Aaron’s home run record, that 58% of fans want to see Bonds in the Hall of Fame, and that 73% of fans think Bonds used steroids. But before going out there and saying that fans are conflicted about Bonds based on the study, did anyone scrutinize the methods and data of the study? Or did people just blindly run with what was served to them and make assumptions based on that?

To find out how much bullcrap that recent poll was, check out my scrutiny of it at MLB FanHouse.

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  • Gene

    Right on target. Just as your article states, the study was a pile of crap. Most people did not take the time and make the effort you did to analyze the sample and the questions. Do you know if the questions were worded the same for both “groups”?

    All too many sports talk hosts wasted valuable air time on the results of the poll, and almost all of them were ignorant about the things which you brought up in your article.