Yardbarker Makes TIME’s Top 50 Sites

As you probably have been able to tell, our site is part of the extensive Yardbarker Network. Yardbarker represents hundreds of high quality sports blogs and they pull some of the best stories from around the network for placement on their entertaining homepage. The site has an incredibly clean look, is constantly updated, and it tracks 40 of the top trends in the sports world. Putting all those factors together helped Yardbarker make TIME’s Top 50 sites for 2010 list which is some strong recognition.

In addition to congratulating Yardbarker on the excellent accomplishment, I wanted to share this ringing endorsement. My cousin recently told me that he finally started checking out Yardbarker after seeing it at LBS all the time and said it’s great, “Between your site and Yardbarker, I’ve already seen all the stories by the time I get home to watch PTI.” Amen to that. Congrats to YB and hopefully they continue to receive great recognition.

50 Best Websites 2010 [TIME]

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  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    Good stuff Larry, You are always one of the top contributors to the website due to your fantastic content. I applied to have my blogs on their site as well intheot.com But, havent been accepted yet, maybe that cuz my website is barely over a month old. And I have a lot more videos and longer pieces breaking things down. Hopefully one day I can join you in the yardbarker family of sports blogs.