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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Jon Jones last week: I would take Chael Sonnen fight in a heartbeat

Jon Jones continues to look worse and worse with every day that passes. Bloody Elbow dug up a quote from an interview Jones gave last week where he said he’d fight Chael Sonnen “in a heartbeat.”

Jones joined “The Abe Kanan Show” on SiriusXM radio last Saturday and discussed the possibility of a fight with Sonnen. Jones was adamant that Sonnen couldn’t just talk his way into a title shot because the UFC isn’t like the WWF. But Kanan began selling Jones on why fighting him would be a good idea, convincing him that he would destroy Sonnen and put the loudmouth in check.

Kanan: “Why not just take the fight, do it, and make a lot of money?”

Jones: “I totally agree, and I’m not sitting here saying that I wouldn’t take the fight. I would take the fight in a heartbeat.”

Of course we learned five days later that Jones was full of crap, because he declined a fight with Sonnen leading to the cancellation of the entire UFC 151 card.

If you ask me how I account for the change in opinion, I think it’s pretty simple: What you heard in the interview was Jon Jones the fighter talking, and the person who declined the fight was Jon Jones the businessman acting under the influence of his trainer. Or maybe when he said he’d fight Sonnen in a heartbeat, it was said under the assumption that he would have proper preparation and a full training camp.

You can listen to the exchange in the clip below (warning: Kanan drops an f-bomb):

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