Jon Jones claims he was hacked after anti-gay Instagram comments

Jon Jones beltJon Jones sent a tweet Tuesday night saying he was hacked and pleading his innocence hours after a kid on Instagram claimed that the UFC star wrote homophobic comments on his pictures.

The person making the accusations is an MMA fan named Daniel Javid, who goes by “Champagnedanii” on Instagram and boasts in his bio that he’s an a–hole.

On Tuesday, Javid posted a screenshot of what he says are name-calling, homophobic comments Jones left on his Instagram pictures.

“Jon Jones stalked me on insta through twitter, blocked me & called me a fag 5 times. @AlexTheMauler knock him out – #ufc #jonjones #alexandergustafsson” the person wrote on Instagram.

He included this screenshot, which shows homosexual-related comments Jones’ account left on his pictures:

Jon Jones Instagram

What prompted everything? Javid sent this tweet and the same comment on Instagram to Jones just before the Instagram messages came:

Javid told LBS that he was born and raised in Sweden and is a big fan of MMA star Alexander Gustafsson. The Gustafsson angle is likely why Jones had so much hostility towards him.

Jones tried to clear everything up with this tweet:

Are you buying it? Javid doesn’t believe he was hacked. He points out that Jones posted a picture of himself on Instagram a few hours after the comments on his picture came, which is a sign to him that Jones was still controlling the account.

H/T MiddleEasy via tipster KrisBrewski

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  • smedrano0206

    Let’s see if Jones gets punished like other fighters have been for the same thing

  • Blackmaile

    Big difference between your phone getting hacked and you posting racist pictures and racist comments on instagram.
    Dont be a idiot

  • smedrano0206

    If you believe the ol’ “my phone was hacked” BS then you’re the idiot….Jones is a D-bag plain and simple

  • nycmcmike

    So someone who is smart enough to hack into your phone, instead of taking advantage of the opportunity of ripping off your identity, is going to post homophobic remarks on some random guy’s Instagram page.