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Sunday, November 18, 2018

J.P. Joubert wins his MMA fight despite having a fractured skull (Picture)

The x-ray that you see above would be that of a normal man’s head — if only there wasn’t a section above his left brow that was caved in like a car bumper after an accident. J.P. Joubert suffered a fractured during his Extreme Fighting Championships light heavyweight title fight against Norman Wessels last month. That was before Joubert went on to win the fight.

According to Complex Sports, Joubert was able to fight through the pain and win by TKO after several blows resulted in a “frontal sinus fracture and concussion.” Any doctor would probably advise a patient to avoid driving a car, sleeping face down, drinking through a straw, speaking loudly, running quickly, chewing on the left side or eating spicy foods after suffering an injury of this magnitude, but adrenaline clearly kicked in for Joubert.

As the photo that Joubert himself shared shows, this was far from a simple bloody nose or black eye type of deal. A couple of months ago we wondered how a soccer player could possibly play through this injury, but after seeing Joubert’s skull that looks like it would be a walk in the park.

Skull crack to Off the Bench for the story

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