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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Soccer player Leo Ponzio bursts hemorrhoid during match (Video)

For those of you who want to argue that soccer players are not tough, look no further than the disgusting video above. When I first saw this, I thought for sure it had to be some sort of joke. Maybe River Plate midfielder Leo Ponzio fell on paint on the field. Perhaps he was wearing a pair of edible underwear that wasn’t suited for temperatures above 80 degrees and it melted through his pants. Either of those would have been much more bearable than the truth. As Dirty Tackle reluctantly pointed out, Ponzio ruptured a hemorrhoid during a win over Boca Unidos.

“It was weird what happened to me, because I had spent a week in which I had eaten well,” Ponzio said according to Terra. “In the meantime I had been fine, but after a move that threw me to the ground I opened myself more than usual and I started to feel the blood. I felt that something had broken.”

How he was able to finish a match under those conditions is beyond me. Even if it didn’t hurt that much, I think I’d pass out when I felt was was going on. Most people would rather deal with a broken jaw like this, a nasty cut from a skate to the face, or a horrible leg break than have their can bleeding down their shorts. Today, we crown Ponzio one of the toughest men in sports.

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