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Friday, June 22, 2018

Manu Ginobili says Argentina should yell in Tony Parker’s face to fog up his goggles

Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker are accustomed to winning basketball games together, but on Tuesday only one of them will be victorious when France takes on Argentina at the Olympics. Such is the joy of Olympic basketball. Argentina’s Ginobili and France’s Parker will likely find themselves guarding one another in London, and Ginobili says he already has a strategy in mind.

Parker, who suffered an eye injury after the NBA season ended during a nightclub brawl involving rappers Chris Brown and Drake, has been wearing protective goggles during play. According to Spurs Nation, Manu is planning to use that to his advantage.

“Go right up to him and go ‘whooo!’” Ginobili said while demonstrating how he would blow air out of his mouth. “That should fog up his goggles.”

Sounds like a simple strategy that just might work. Unfortunately for France, Ginobili may not even need gimmicks to keep Parker at bay. The Spurs star was 4-for-11 shooting with four turnovers during France’s loss to the USA over the weekend, and he admitted that the month he had to take off of basketball after the eye injury has left him “totally out of shape.”

Having seen how much zip Ginobili is capable of putting on a pass, I’d be worried about not being able to see basketballs that are flying my way at close to the speed of light if I was Parker.

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