Chamique Holdsclaw reportedly tried lighting ex-girlfriend’s car on fire

Chamique Holdsclaw was arrested on Thursday after turning herself into Atlanta police for allegedly firing a gun inside her ex-girlfriend’s car during a wild incident on Tuesday.

Holdsclaw reportedly began following her ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lacy, who had finished a workout at a church. After Lacy realized she was being followed, she pulled over, and that’s when things got bad.

Holdsclaw allegedly bashed the car’s windows in with a baseball bat, and then fired a round of shots in the car while Lacy was inside it. Now we’re learning that Holdsclaw supposedly was planning to light the Range Rover on fire.

According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, police reportedly believe Holdsclaw may have poured gasoline on Lacy’s car and tried shooting to start a bigger fire. And as TMZ shared, the person who called 911 told the dispatcher that Holdsclaw poured gasoline on the car.

Lacy and Holdsclaw dated for around four years, and Lacy broke off their relationship some time last year. The two were teammates on the Atlanta Dream in 2009. Lacy currently plays for the Tulsa Shock. Holdsclaw won three national championships in college at Tennessee, a gold medal at the Olympics, and she played 12 seasons in the WNBA. She has fought depression and even had a suicide attempt in 2006.

Holdsclaw was released from jail after posting $100,000 bond and is being monitored by an ankle bracelet. She is being charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of damaging property and one count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, per TMZ.

Holdsclaw reportedly feels terribly about what she did. It’s obvious she’s struggling mentally, so we really hope she gets better.

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  • JamesT32

    She reportedly feels terribly about what she did?  Hmm, don’t care.  Seriously, what a naive and ridiculous thing for you to mindlessly pass on given the severe nature of her actions even if you do feel sorry for her on some level.  Yes, I’m aware of her well-publicized battle with clinical depression, but there are meds for these things and extreme behavior such as this suggests she’s either not on the correct regimen of treatment or, more likely, is largely ignoring her issues altogether.  Hate to say it, but she’d be better off attempting suicide again than trying to harm, and perhaps even murder, someone else.  Very unfortunate that she ultimately fell victim to mental health issues (apparently at least) whose origins she could not control, but when your personal problems and difficulties become a pathway to actively harm others and ruin their lives then that’s when the book closes, the game ends and sympathy should largely disappear.  And so apparently ends her long and far descent from incomparable college superstar (you can finally take down that wrinkled and aged 1998 Kodak Women’s All-American poster still lovingly hanging on your bedroom wall) to jilted and bitter homicidal dyke.  Sad indeed.

  • SpinMax

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