Soccer fan throws explosive at player who is receiving medical attention (Video)

People can be really, really sick sometimes. It takes a certain type of nut job to toss firecrackers onto a soccer field. It takes an even more disturbed person to throw them directly at a player who is receiving medical treatment, but that’s exactly what happened during a match between Anorthosis and Omonia Nicosia on Sunday.

As you can see from the video above that Dirty Tackle shared with us, a player was down on the turf with team doctors gathered around him when some sort of explosive came flying in and blew up right in the face of several people. As we saw when a player nearly lost his hand last month, the idea of soccer fans throwing dangerous objects on the field is nothing new. Throwing them directly into a pack of people like that — especially when someone is injured — is as dangerous as it gets.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/dennis.thomas.77582 Dennis Thomas

    This video shows that they are some people who shouldn’t be allowed in stadiums or arenas where they can possibly hurt players, the officials, coaches, or other fans for whatever reason that they seem fit to do so.  I do not know what was the attendance figures for this particular match, but I hope the officials of the match and the local authorities will make a strong and genuine effort to catch whoever was responsible for this blatant offense even though it may or may not be a difficult task to succeed.
    Once caught, whoever was responsible so should be put in jail with a heavy fine and permanently be banned from entering any stadium or arena.  That will be a good start of sending the message that acts like this will not be tolerated.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PCYUZ6XSFAEZGKJUT5WIPRDFYM Elron McKenzie

    Wow. I don’t want to sound insensitive, but it looked more like a magician’s trick than a “bomb”. Keeping in mind that this IS soccer, where it seems more time is spent pretending to be injured than kicking the ball, I wouldn’t be surprised it if was scripted. All I see is a group of people squatting in a circle with a blue stretcher lying on its side conveniently blocking the view of the television cameras. Then some smoke starts coming up inside the group of guys (and behind the stretcher), then half the guys fall down holding their faces, just like they do when faking injuries during the games. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JLBKTWI5PW5CBI2Y3C734IYFKI Edward S

    The fire cracker incident wasn’t cool at all, but neither is all that drama and faking of injuries all the time.  Did you see how they grabbed their faces and ears and rolled on the ground afterward?  Perhaps the firecrackers were poetic justice for what goes on in soccer?  The whole sport is so soiled with cheating and poor behavior from the players and coaches, and just as bad behavior from soccer fans, it wouldn’t be any real loss to society if it disappeared altogether.

  • lepasc

     Are you serious….Do you know why they grabbed  their faces and ears????
    Because they got explosive powder in their eyes…that should burn a little bit,And their ears…They mosdef had perforated eardrum (or close to that). And I’m not talking with the tremendous
    imbalance that come with the explosion.Facking my ***Elron Mckenzie,I cannot believe how stupid your comment is….

  • thepaintedchairshop

    injuries should be treated off the field apparently for safety reasons. where are the security at the gates, metal detectors etc…ridiculous how we allow large masses of people to gather in public with no security measures at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/drank.supream Drew Saunders

    that’s crazy smdh wow

  • http://www.facebook.com/katie.brilhart Katie Roe Brilhart

    That is terrible! It’s scary to think of the kind of people that are walking around out there.  // BTW~ This is very poor reporting. There is no mention of how the player is doing or what his injuries are, and no mention as to whether or not they caught the person that threw the firework. :~/

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/C62FXVJB34B3VQJ7P3BAWAUWWY Paul

    @ lepasc – a firecracker? really? all that drama? for that little thing?  My .25 caliber , .22 caliber, .38,.357, .44 mag (just a few in my collection) are stronger and louder than that … I rarely ever wear ear or eye protection (yea I know … someone is going to say that is stupid …) In the service we didn’t wear or have these ‘protectons’ … you never see people during the 4th of July with their even more powerful firewords acting like this … what a bunch of panty waist wimps …

  • William Szekely

    It would have really been awesome to see the team get into the stands and strangle the MFer with his intestines.  This is a sport, people should go to see it, not throw things at the players, and then claimed insanity due to an explosion setting of some previous childhood experience or something of that nature.

  • carolynd1

    soccor should be banned in these 3rd world countries.  You hear about riots and people killed, now this.  These people are animals who don’t know the  meaning of the word sport.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=698476074 Michael Harris

    They didn’t look like they were faking to me. That looked like a pretty powerful firecracker/explosive. At point blank I bet it hurt like hell.

  • Lauren DiMatteo

    Anyone who knows anything about soccer knows that in rival matches like this that anything goes.  While I don’t condone actions like this, the reality is that this is part of the culture of the game and that this sport is much than a game to these people.  To say that it is like a religion doesn’t even do it justice.  European soccer is a microcosm of religion, politics, ethnic and racial prejudices and a whole host of other sociao-political views.  To simply say that events like this shouldn’t occur, that soccer should be disbanded in certain nations, that there should be tighter security, or that those who perpetrated this event are barbarians simply means that you haven’t looked at the whole picture or don’t understand the culture of this sport at all.  Soocer matches are merely a conduit for expression, not the source of the problem.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3T5HX6UCOW7ERCBXIN5BBCNHHI el che

    oh yeah someone should toss an explosive at you and you should disappear from the sport. losing You wouldn’t be a loss in society 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3T5HX6UCOW7ERCBXIN5BBCNHHI el che

    YOUR  not being shot at though.. Have someone throw firecrackers at you tough guy 

  • http://www.facebook.com/darren.jones.146 Darren Jones

    I’ve seen some bad sportsmanship before , but this is just plain stupid !

  • hank4569

    Just because there is some feinting of injuries in any game does not justify the firecracker or the comments that it was somehow the fault of the players who may be faking injuries. Those comments are ignorant. You should really look inside your heart. You have maybe spent too much time in Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago. That’s where Obama went to church for 20 years. Reverend Wright is the preacher that said that the attack on the twin towers was because of how America misbehaved towards the rest of the world and that  the , “roosters have come home to roost” somehow implying that America deserved to be attacked. You ignorampussies are just a bunch of fat cowards hiding behind your computers, eating Doritos and drinking too much beer. I know, I know, back in the day you played through the pain, didntchu?

  • lepasc

     Yep,you are right!
    Its totally criminal…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Yiannaki-Yianni/662430175 Yiannaki ❼ Yianni

     Cyprus is far from a 3rd World Country to start with.