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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Police Brutality in Fan Arrest for Mexico-Venezuela Game?

Mexico and Venezuela played a soccer friendly match this week in San Diego, but the event turned out to be anything but friendly for at least one fan. This video comes to us from Busted Coverage and it shows what appears to be two Mexican fans getting cuffed by police. One officer gets pretty crazy with the fan he’s cuffing and it’s because he believes the fan was resisting arrest. He gets pretty physical with his force including a part around the :30 mark when he slams the fan’s face to the ground making a hideous sound. Check it out.

As always we can’t pass judgment based on one clip from the incident without seeing what happened to lead up to that point, but just the part we saw sure didn’t look good.

FOX 5 in San Diego has more information:

Following the arrest, the officer was evaluated for complaints of pain, and the suspect was treated for a cut above one of his eyes, SDPD Lt. Andra Brown said. Rangel was then booked on suspicion of battery on a peace officer and public drunkenness. He has since posted bail.

The neck hold the officer used against the suspect is known as a carotid restraint and is a safe compliance technique police are trained to use to subdue violent people, Assistant Chief Bob Kanaski told reporters. Police officials said that the short video clip did not show the beginning of the struggler. They said that at one point Rangel was on top of the officer. Rangel and a companion were arrested after a fan at the Mexico vs. Venezuela soccer match reported that the two men were throwing food and other debris at spectators in the stands.

What’s the lesson to be learned? Don’t resist arrest and don’t throw food in a game, OK people?

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