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Sunday, June 24, 2018

White Sox Are Wheeeezing the Juice

This was pointed out to me quite some time ago by commenter JS, but since the White Sox were in the midst of an 8 game road trip, I couldn’t really do anything with it. But at last, the White Sox are finally in Chicago to begin a 15 game homestand. And do you know what time their evening games will start? No, not 7:05, nor 7:10, nor 7:30, nor 7:35, nor any other round number you could think of — you know, normal times to start a game. Instead, all evening games for the White Sox this year begin at 7:11pm. Why you ask? Well moron, put two-and-two together. From the Riverside Press-Enterprise

First it was the press box. The White Sox converted the press box area behind home plate into 200 club level seats this season and sold them, moving the media to a location down the right field line.

The question in the clubhouse: What else could they sell? The Angels chalkboard showing the time schedule made that clear: “First pitch: 7:11.”

That’s right. In a three-year deal, the White Sox have sold the starting time for weeknight games to 7-Eleven Inc. through the 2009 season.

You guessed it. And sure enough, tonight’s White Sox/Twins game is set for 7:11pm. Is that lame or what? OK fine, I guess it’s pretty smart business. But damn, it just makes me want to get a slurpee. Ummm, cherry and coke slurpee. Ummm. I’ll be back in half an hour.

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