Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins reportedly tried to hide evidence

Aaron HernandezIf Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins was somehow involved with what happened in the days and hours leading up to and after the night Odin Lloyd was murdered, we have yet to figure out how. Hernandez called Jenkins the day he was arrested to tell her to stop speaking with authorities. Prior to that, she told investigators that she was unfamiliar with Lloyd but began crying when she was informed he had been killed.

Jenkins likely stopped talking to police to avoid giving up information that could incriminate Hernandez, but has she gone further than that? According to the Hartford Courant, investigators recently searched a Bristol storage unit that was rented in Jenkins’ name because they believe she made “overt attempts to hide evidence … and to hinder and mislead.”

New court documents that were released on Friday included surveillance video, text messages, and an interview with Jenkins’ sister Shaneah that has led investigators to believe Shayanna may have knowledge of what happened to the murder weapon that was used to kill Lloyd. The documents also stated that Hernandez is believed to have called Jenkins the day after Lloyd’s body was found to ask her to dispose of weapons in his house.

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On June 18, the day after Lloyd’s body was found, Jenkins was reportedly seen on surveillance footage from Hernandez’s home carrying a trash bag out of the basement that contained a “rigid object” which authorities believe resembled a lock box or safe. She returned 35 minutes later and opened the trunk of her car, which allegedly showed that the trash bag was no longer there.

Shaneah Jenkins reportedly told police that she had a conversation with her uncle Azia Jenkins, during which he told her that Hernandez called Shayanna on June 18 to ask her to remove weapons from the house. Shaneah said she was told the weapons were later “disposed of in the woods.” Investigators also claim Shayanna and Hernandez exchanged cryptic texts which made mention of a box in the basement.

Jenkins has not been charged in connection with the investigation. Authorities have reportedly searched a stretch of highway and a lake in Hernandez’s hometown in an attempt to recover the murder weapon, but they have had no luck.

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TMZ reportedly paid $18,000 for Aaron Hernandez jail letter

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez apparently thought he could trust a fan he was exchanging mail with while in prison, but he was wrong. Last week, a copy of a letter Hernandez sent to a fan proclaiming his innocence appeared on TMZ and went viral. But how did they get their hands on it?

According to CBS Boston, a sports memorabilia shop called Sportsworld in Saugus, Mass. first bought the letter from a fan for $4,500. Jail officials reportedly later confirmed the authenticity of the letter, which Sportsworld owner Phil Castinetti turned around and sold to TMZ for $18,000.

“It was kind of eerie, knowing you have a letter that Hernandez had just written,” Castinetti told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 on Friday. “You read all the crazy things he’s been accused of, so it’s just a little weird.”

Prior to TMZ allegedly confirming with jail officials that the letter was authentic, Castinetti says he made sure the autograph at the bottom of the message was real.

“I’ve been in the business for almost 30 years and authenticating autographs is one of the things I do the most,” he said. “It was pretty easy; he has a distinct signature and it would be impossible for someone to copy it the way it’s done. It’s pretty easy to tell. I’m 100-percent positive it’s real.”

Castinetti’s assertion that he received $18,000 for the letter is consistent with a blog post from Barstool Sports earlier in the week. Barstool owner David Portnoy claimed the letter was offered to him for $20,000, and hours later it appeared on TMZ’s website. Castinetti said he thinks it could be worth “serious money” if Hernandez is found guilty because of the things he wrote.

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Report: Aaron Hernandez’s uncle killed in moped crash

An uncle of Aaron Hernandez was killed in a moped crash in Bristol, Conn., early Saturday morning, WFSB in Bristol reports.

49-year-old Robert Valentine was pronounced dead at the scene after being thrown from his moped during a crash. Valentine was not wearing a helmet and his head against a curb, police told WFSB.

Valentine is the brother of Hernandez’s mother, per the report.

This is the second time in a month that a relative of Hernandez has died in a crash on the road. Last month, the husband of Hernandez’s cousin died in a car crash.

What a terrible month for the Hernandez family.

Aaron Hernandez letter from jail: ‘It will all die down when they say not guilty’

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez has been writing letters as he remains inside a cell at Bristol County House of Corrections awaiting trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd. One of those letters, which he allegedly wrote to a fan, has gone public.

According to TMZ, this letter was written by Hernandez in response to a fan who sent him a letter telling him how he was in the same jail 15 years ago. Law enforcement officials have reportedly verified the authenticity of the letter, in which Hernandez asked the fan to “keep this off social media please.” So much for that.

In the message, Hernandez emphasized to the fan that he is not guilty and that the “false accusations” will “all die down” when a judge rules in his favor. He also said that God has placed him in prison for a reason and that he has kept a smile on his face, adding that he is a “strong person” with an “amazing heart.” Here’s a transcription of the letter:

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Police reportedly search lake in Aaron Hernandez’s hometown for murder weapon

Aaron HernandezOne major snag that prosecutors could face in the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation is that the murder weapon that was used to kill Odin Lloyd has not yet been found. Police have seized several pieces of key evidence including ammunition and surveillance photos that appear to show Hernandez holding a handgun, but the gun used to shoot Lloyd remains missing.

Investigators may have been searching for it again on Monday morning. According to WFSB in Connecticut, a crew searched Pine Lake in Hernandez’s hometown of Bristol, Conn. for a possible weapon connected to the murder of Lloyd. Police reportedly began the search after receiving a tip from someone who said the .45 caliber Glock that was allegedly used to kill Lloyd may have been thrown into the lake.

Officials said that investigators would likely be at the lake all day and may return Tuesday if nothing is found, so it could be a strong tip.

Earlier this month, police searched a stretch of highway in Massachusetts and were believed to be looking for the murder weapon among other ballistic evidence. It is unknown if that search turned up anything significant, but the report from Monday would seem to indicate the search for the murder weapon continues.

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Report: Odin Lloyd was poor, couldn’t afford a car

Odin Lloyd27-year-old Odin Lloyd was murdered in June, and former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez and two others are in custody facing charges related to the slaying.

Not a whole lot about Lloyd is known. We know that he played for a semi-pro football team called the Boston Bandits. We know that he dated the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins. we know that Lloyd and Hernandez hung out independent of their girlfriends.

What’s unclear is what Lloyd did for a living. We know he played for free for the semi-pro team, and friends say he still had dreams of one day playing in the NFL. There is suspicion that he was a drug dealer. Jenkins told police that she knew Lloyd smoked marijuana and was a marijuana dealer.

If Lloyd was a dealer, then he was a poor one.

ABC News looked into Lloyd’s connection to Hernandez, and they say friends described Lloyd as poor. According to ABC:

Friends said Lloyd couldn’t afford a car and would bike 20 miles to make it to Bandits games. There were also times, friends said, that the talented linebacker couldn’t even afford a uniform and would wear jerseys with other players’ names on them.

Lloyd’s coach with the Bandits, Mike Branch, was adamant to ABC that Lloyd had nothing to do with drugs.

“He wasn’t a drug dealer,” Branch told ABC. “[If] you [are] a drug dealer, you ain’t riding a bike to practice, you know?”

If Lloyd dealt, then maybe he was a low-level dealer just starting out. Drugs may have provided a connection between the two men. In addition to failing drug tests in college, Hernandez and/or his associates may have been involved in the drug scene. Recall that police seized equipment typically used by drug dealers when they searched Hernandez’s home earlier this month.

Curious about a potential motive for the killing? This might be the answer.

Aaron Hernandez surveillance photos appear to show him holding gun night of murder

Aaron HernandezProsecutors have claimed that some of the strongest pieces of evidence they have against Aaron Hernandez supporting his alleged involvement in the murder of Odin Lloyd are surveillance photos of him holding a handgun the night of the shooting. On Thursday, we got our first look at those photos.

Boston Globe reporter Brian Ballou obtained a copy of a 104-page affidavit which included some images of Hernandez holding an object that appeared to be a gun. He also appeared to be wearing the white hooded sweatshirt that investigators say he was wearing the night Lloyd was killed.

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