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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Andy Pettitte

Ivan Nova Credits Andy Pettitte for ALDS Game 1 Success

With their rotation looking relatively thin throughout the regular season and in definite need of some assistance, Yankee fans found themselves disappointed Andy Pettitte was set on remaining retired. Pettitte was able to still pitch effectively for New York last season, so he surely could have helped during the regular season this year. Given his…Read More

Andy Pettitte Knew from McNamee That Clemens Was Using Steroids

It wasn’t referred to at all in the affidavit. Nor was it mentioned in written or spoken reports throughout the coverage of this McNamee/Clemens mess. But like I told you before, I braved through Pettitte’s entire deposition so you don’t have to (because after all, I’m really looking out for you). And upon reading through…Read More

Andy Pettitte Makes You Forgive Him for Using HGH

OK, so much ado has been made over Andy Pettitte’s role in this whole Roger Clemens/Brian McNamee fiasco. Congressman Elijah Cummings said Pettitte seemed to be the most believable character of those who spoke to Congress. People seem to think he did something great. Matt Watson nailed it calling Andy Pettitte a liar for saying…Read More

Congressman Elijah Cummings Crushed Roger Clemens, Made Sense

Out of the four hours and around forty minutes of testimony heard Wednesday morning in Congress by Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee, all but one minute is superfluous. The exchange between Congressman Elijah Cummings and Roger Clemens was the paramount moment of the hearing and the apotheosis of cutting out b.s. and getting to the…Read More

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